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Cloud9 vs subtLe
Lmao. He thinks all other teams are 101% serious every game except SK. Still comes to the matchpage of other teams to talk about SK's loss. Un-fucking real how these guys are deluded and butthurt.
HLTV Average Age: 13-17
Wow, who the fuck are you cunt, Thomas Bayes? He obviously meant the average is in that range, and he's right. It's deteriorated significantly and you are part of the problem.
top10 most important people in history of humanity?
Informative post
New Graffiti You know it's true
True, that's why e-sports will probably never be a real thing (like other sports). Because a company owns it and its purpose is profiting from it.
FalleN is an influential person in CS, he can talk to other pros, organizers, Valve, etc. about the problem. But bitching about it 15 minutes after the game is not the way to go and it just gives peop...
Cloud9 vs SK
Cloud9 vs SK
baiter midget BTFO
Cloud9 vs SK
autimatic is mechanically the best player in the world
Cloud9 vs SK
Will this the biggest roast in Major history? Hope so
200 iq strat by Fallen
Absolutely based
Odd scheduling?
next day,* didn't mean to end the sentence there
Sweden rape rates (1/8 Women will be raped) "certain" men lmao
Emilia read HLTV comments
I don't understand, but I can feel the NaCl
Quantum Bellator Fire vs mousesports
Better team won