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iBUYPOWER the most retarded CS:GO Team.
inferno way too CT sided?
fnatic vs iBUYPOWER
very nice play by azk there
Thooorin's shots at Lurppis
Well the funny thing is that lurppis ended his career on a high note. He got picked by EG and moved to US from Finland to play with players like Warden, Storm and fRoD. And they played good too. Th...
Italy is 3rd world.
From working for over 7 years in shipping I can say, Italy is actually one of the most productive countries there is. Modern nuclear plants in Europe are largely built from parts made in Italy. Gas tu...
LDLC vs Virtus.pro
This should have started already and there is a match going on right now. Instead we can only watch these 2 fuckers chatting. What a fucking disgrace.
fnatic vs Dignitas
As did I, woke up early and got ready for some CS and when it was supposed to start, 6 hours later we had 4 maps played edit: typo
fnatic vs Dignitas
I was just watching the stream every now and then to see when it's gonna start, had no idea the match was on :/ I was playing with my cat and just hung around. Super poor from the organizers
fnatic vs Dignitas
The tournament is already 6+ hours behind schedule why in the fuck are we not watching CS rite now!?!?
NBK on phone during match.
Learn from the best guys, here is a lifelong cheater telling how it is
What's going on?
The 1st two matches were scheduled at the same time, 5 hours ago. So far we've seen 2 maps. I mean really?
What's going on?
Hahah :D
What's going on?
Omg for real? Where did get that? Seems fucked up
Dignitas vs fnatic
Lol, format. That's an easy step
Cloud9 vs LDLC
You were close bro :)