been playing cs since 1.6 moved on to cs:s which i played but not fully liked moved on to cs:go & been playing on their servers ever since also on ESEA.
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anime vs manga
i prefer to read the Light Novels or Manga's, So many of the Anime's take away from the detailed description & depiction of what the the story should be.
just make up a fake study or enlarge a small scale study that supports your views just like they did then pitch it to a company to sell it so u profit of other people's issues just like they did.
Best anime OP? this one
Badly describe a movie
Ding ding winner !
upcoming esport games
as a quake player myself i agree however i do feel the devs are listening to players and try and refine things, now do i agree on all changes? absolutely not but its good to see devs listening to expe...
upcoming esport games
Depending on if the Quake scene revives with this little tournament circuit announcement we could potentially see Quake Champions rise as a title. However as they are still in Beta (nearly done) it is...
How get girls!
56 kg's say u'r about as muscular as a French baguette
How get girls!
get some muscles.......and then just do regular things people do, socialize in bars
Do you like your job?
Yeah i like my job, the hours sometimes not so much but i knew what it meant when i signed up for it. Its well paid, the hours during the week aren't bad the only downside is the weekends sometimes ar...
Badly describe a movie
nope not even close.
Badly describe a movie
group of degenerate soldiers enter room, find a doctor then get attacked by weird creatures, have to stop them from getting out of the base ultimately one guy saves it all after coming back from the d...
still got a 8 team tournament set up, perhaps after that they will drop it, kind of will depend on ratings & how things are perceived. Obviously a gun game being televised in current America is not id...
cause Blizzard has him under a contract to exclusively cast OW
brb writing my will to leave money to the Thooorin and Richard for the Skrilluminaty & to the BTN shows so u kids can keep monthly content..... I watch anime because i read the light novels or manga'...
people don't like his brutal honesty at times and there are also people who just don't understand some of his jokes or take his jokes out of context due to english not being their first language thus ...