been playing cs since 1.6 moved on to cs:s which i played but not fully liked moved on to cs:go & been playing on their servers ever since also on ESEA.
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Hunter X Hunter 2011
ur watching dubbed.....come back when u have watched subbed since the dubbed version is absolute trash.
Hunter X Hunter 2011
hes has released new hunter x hunter manga chapters this year up until 6 march 2018 they will be releasing new stuff.
White teeth?
Plenty of reasons why she wouldn't of needed to use whitening , for instance commonly used to keep teeth white are : coconut oil , apple cider vinegar & baking soda hydrogen peroxide. These are the mo...
Don't lie FaZe "fans"
nah i only like good players who show up at any tourney, so not much a faze fan just a fan of niko & rain.
How far has CS/eSports in ur country?
non existent in belgium only coverage they give to esports is negative or when they have a debate on tv with people who have 0 knowledge & call us basement dwellers
all those rick flair fans man i swear.....
Bench press max?
i did 90kg's but i possibly could of done more but never tried it cause i quit 2 weeks before i had to move up the weights on the scedule. i was 23years old 79.4kg's and 1m83.
OJ worst host
dude OJ is seriously the best stage host we have......guy's a absolute legend and works harder & more then u think.
no they can't as they are still contracted by Immortals ( fnx , hen1 & lucas1) all are able to be sued by the immortals organization if they break their contract etc.
podcast roomonfire
bumping this up seems like people missing out ;)
FalleN's Greatness
for a player yes absolutely but there are people behind the curtains u all don't see who pull all the little strings and make the puppets dance to their will.
Tree Haiku
fall’s quick change artist from green to gold to crimson disrobed, my tree naps
i had a beard like him at age of 15.....some people just have a much heavier facial hairgrow then others during puberty.
Is Blu the worst caster?
Rahim...../close post plz
D0cC^ Banned on ESEA XDDD
not surprised honestly.