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been playing cs since 1.6 moved on to cs:s which i played but not fully liked moved on to cs:go & been playing on their servers ever since also on ESEA.
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somebody's Somebodies vs zhokiNg Warriors
Frankie finished it off perfectly !
Do u love subway (fast food)
i like their pulled pork one yeah
Since it is actually a pretty delicate matter i will not reveal anything. For real though, his story at a certain point touches upon subjects such as stalking etc, that is all i shall say as it reall...
JOKER movie
Fucking amazing performance from joaquin phoenix, the sacrifices he made to his body for this is just the tip of the iceberg i would say, tremendously good in his role. Loved the schizophrenic parts a...
mikeybieber boxing
age, weight, prior fight experience (i mean actual fights listed)?
R8 Swe rock
my first introduction to this kind of music was probably Finntroll when i saw em live in like 2003 or 2004 can't remember precisely but i think roughly right.
R8 Swe rock
nice !!!
[S1] IQ Test: Engineers
oh well can't always be the fastest to think up idea's that's just the way life rolls
[S1] IQ Test: Engineers
question: is the charcoal lit up already or not? if not then i shall have to rethink my idea if it is however lit up i would use the banana stick it inside the pipe then heat the pipe above the lit ch...
Billie Eilish concert in Moscow
absolutely sucked at pukkelpop just saying not worth a god damn dime if u ask me but then again not my type of music either.
omg TenZ
shit music but god damn respect for the skills
Khabib Nurmagomedov in your bed
I would let Dagastani bear sleep in bed while i sleep on floor or sofa
Ninja promotes pornhub channel u saw cuz of twitch
That still doesn't mean twitch get to fuck him over like that. I hope he files a lawsuit for that is certainly affecting his image due to twitch their negligence.
Ninja promotes pornhub channel u saw cuz of twitch
So u think it's normal twitch uses his channel which he has been building for 8+ years to use for their own purposes (yes it's only his channel they did this to currently) and not even monitor such th...
cancel ESL One NY?
ESL has pretty good measures in place currently to prevent such things, guards scanning u with metal detectors (u also cannot bring in bags unless u let them rummage through them upon entry) each time...