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been playing cs since 1.6 moved on to cs:s which i played but not fully liked moved on to cs:go & been playing on their servers ever since also on ESEA.
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he is their backup and u either register a coach or u submit a actual coach, same as zellsis for c9.....
correct hence why his legacy is already tainted for me but undeniably he is a talent & someone who's skills exceed most people.
Lets just see if he can still get past the USADA commission first.....Cause its not the first time and it certainly won't be the last time he has had issues and tested positive for banned substances. ...
garbage music and enough evidence time to lock this guy up.....
could be that the 2nd person who died his body animation was more stand up on his client side view but if that is not the case then i would say fishy 100%
Belgium people come here
Belgium has provincial leagues (10 provinces full of amateurs ) above that is the regional leagues (3de amateur class is split into 4 leagues of 16 teams & 2nd class amateur is split into 3 with 16 te...
belgium best country?
I still live in Belgium because of my job. Now yes compared to Portugal Belgium certainly seems like paradise in certain parts, however when basic utilities are taxed far more then almost any other co...
Your country's worst decision?
raising basic utility's (water & electricity) prices to fall under the 21% taxation costs.....
belgium best country?
- I really hope this is bait as Belgium is a absolute tragedy of a country, it royally fucks over its own citizens and the only people who benefit in my country are the rich & powerful. - Belgium peop...
Stop hosting so many events in NA
Who gives a shit about the crowd, it is u who should be watching the game or are u not watching and just interested in the crowd? If u are more interested in the crowd then the game then i suggest u m...
Fav Metal bands
i was digging through my old album stash earlier in the week & came upon it hence why i remembered em xD
Fav Metal bands
Machine Head, Sepultura, Pantera, Down, DevilDriver, Crowbar, Fear Factory that kinda stuff, to many to really name so many gifted musicians.
Ronaldinho Bankrupt
i will sum it up like this, some actors who earned 28 million a year spend 30-32 million a year now guess how long that can last and how u end up being bankrupt?
Lurppis totally overreacted
still a super dumb play cause u know they won't go peek u until after the bomb explodes
Why Fortnite is better.
High skill game. retards that say you dont need skill to play fortnite clearly never played the game / have 0 win......okey then explain to me this then Why can people who have no knowledge of how to...