been playing cs since 1.6 moved on to cs:s which i played but not fully liked moved on to cs:go & been playing on their servers ever since also on ESEA.
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ScreaM getting fat
ive known people bulking for 8 months then start cutting 3 months just for a single show in a year. obviously this isn't ideal nor is it advised unless ur bodybuilding (highly doubt he is xD)
ScreaM getting fat
so u think hes fat when hes bulking for next year?? do u even have any idea what or how the body is supposed to be developed ? putting on muscles is a long & hard process
NiP done?
that match was closer then it looked, several rounds could of gone the other way.
Top 5 anime must watch
Hunter X Hunter, Hajime No Ippo, Death Note, Boku No Hero & either Diamond No Ace or Kuroko No Baske (notable mentions; Tokyo Ghoul, Berserk, SlamDunk , Kenichi the mightiest desciple & Rurouni Kenshi...
Got banned from ESEA
true however if everyone keeps on telling them where to improve and what bad rotations they make etc they will improve overtime and thus increase in skill and improve experience in playing with them.
Got banned from ESEA
if they are playing bad how about u tell them ways to improve & let them play? if u are that much of a competitive beast play with a team??
G2 terrible feeling?
so cause SK messed up it was undeserved when the team who played better overall won the tournament? yeah logic if SK where better they would of won at that point m8....stay salty AF
she's a tournament manager so im guessing to keep an eye on the players of G2 for this finals.
when apEX is in the zone hes incredible but when he feels a bit less people go instantly mental & want him gone.... still the best entryfragger in all of Europe if everyone was on their best day.
Mayweather vs McGregor
Even though i got 400$ on McGregor just cause of the damn ratings xD (2000$ payout if its correct) even i don't think Mayweather will lose. Best defensive boxer of his era & most of the times to fast ...
is a 17 y/o girl dating a 25 y/o man normal?
some girls just prefer older men, i know a girl who's 18 and dating a guy who's 32 so im not gonna say shit when i know nothing about them or how happy they are u know.
Tell me your favourite player and I will guess your rank
mhhhh in that case AdreN atm
Tell me your favourite player and I will guess your rank
Right now i like how Xypex plays on bombsites as a ct but i also like how AdreN plays as T tbh can't really choose .....
anime recommendation
kingdom rurouni kenshin death note fairytail hajime no ippo diamond no ace eyeshield 21 tokyo ghoul baki the grappler berserk kuroko no basket SlamDunk Hunter X Hunter yes i know some on my list are ...
Dota 2 >>>> CS
live announced Dota2 had 4million 800k viewers and that's without exact numbers they still adding it all up by tomorrow we will know the real peak number.