been playing cs since 1.6 moved on to cs:s which i played but not fully liked moved on to cs:go & been playing on their servers ever since also on ESEA.
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is s1mple an onliner?
how can u even ask that question and not be a troll.... No hes not a onliner or did u not see some of the godlike performances he has been cranking out one after the other at lan events......
gays come here
yeah oke some gays do stand out but some straight men do also......does that effect u that heavily that it causes u to be extremely agitated?? then u have a rather small & narrow way of thinking.
gays come here
how exactly are they pushing their orientation on u when that's a subconscious choice in your own brain that tells u what u like be it boy / girl or both......
Hiring Lurppis was a bad decision
SirScoots already has the player association going as a side project and RedEye is far to busy a person in a range of projects to take on a position as GM aswell.
Snacks for Starseries
pizza, kebab, french fries.....basically just a load of junk food
so u think a player who hasn't played on Zyw0o's level yet once even and tries several stupid things in a match to make a highlight here and there is better then a consistent performer who has shown h...
u seem to not be able to read it said hes in talks of "potentially joining"
dennis is a retard?
i know that already but people listening to a PR guy or a manager who u just know lies so negotiations aren't disrupted is stupid now if people like neL or DeKay report those things guess what im co...
dennis is a retard?
orgs saying they are already locked & won't change yeah we heard that already before lul
even more glorious then i imagined !
WP C9 But...
hardest bracket to get to the finals + played absolutely the sickest final in all of the 16 years i have been watching counterstrike, i wanted faze to win so guardian & niko would have their crownpiec...
i got 1 case after 4 major's of no drops bruh watched all the games just gotta get lucky. but i feel your pain stay strong
Crowd is retarded
yeah it worked could of also horribly backfired had tarik not aced the round after......
Crowd is retarded
problem is they had match point gained from it.....
Fallen LUL
hes made this tweet several times now even on 1 that he won as he had it happen to him on there hes right, it is always a negative for the team that advances rather it was him or fnatic ...