been playing cs since 1.6 moved on to cs:s which i played but not fully liked moved on to cs:go & been playing on their servers ever since also on ESEA.
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What anime’s made you cry?
Hunter X Hunter & Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
He is to inconsistent & streaky just like a lot of good players, if he can get rid of it then and turn it into something consistent then he can turn into a high caliber player. Plenty of people never ...
is Gay genetics`?
it has nothing to do with a environmental or social factor and it doesn't need to be cured its not a disease.....
is Gay genetics`?
cured??, what are u talking about love is love let people love who ever they like as long as its not anything that goes against legal rules.
is Gay genetics`?
its not a illness how can people these days still think that way.....its also not genetics, a person his/her's sexuality is different for each and every person.
Belgium will win WC 2018
Belgium will not get past semi finals even mark my words. To many ego's and to little team in there.
New Quake?
no the free pass is only able to support until sunday then it turns to do u want to continue pay 29.99$ this was stated by their developers last week during the stream announcement of 1 week free.
World Cup Unfair???
alot of these people have double nationality and can actually decide for which team they play (atleast the belgium guys do with roots in other country's)
New Quake?
absolutely love it but then again my first 2 games were quake & cs, might just be part of nostalgia for me but i do enjoy a good duel now and then. Its free until sunday evening then it returns to 29....
your focus in life?
right now it would be just to journey across & take away parts i find essential to grow as a person.
just broke up with gf
what u need to do is go out with your lads and get smashed drunk or pull another bird.
GG.BET Official Q&A
okey here goes, why did no one do anything about the kid with the boards showing A or B to ALTERNATE aTTaX from what i got to hear....he even sat next to a admin....
what's up?
Stand With Styko
agree, people never watch the things he does but bloody hell if he were to leave u would notice instantly some fundamental things would be gone from that team.
Anime SUCKS!
Maybe u are watching the wrong ones for your taste?? Or it might just not be your cup of tea.