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Arriving USA help
Thanks mate for the info, well im not that good in LoL haha Gold 2 :P, i tought that CSGO Na scene was pretty good since Esea invest alot at least it seems like ... By the way thanks for the infos ...
Arriving USA help
thanks bro
New age of France
French will never dominate CS Scene all they will have is Titan and it will be something like emuLate after this they will never reach top again :P
Arriving USA help
what about local lans i mean like in france they have alot of small lan tournaments
Arriving USA help
Why are the swedes that strong?
Studying in USA / Canada
Lol bro that's really low, considering that you are in Europe '-', but do you have any costs-cut cos you're Belgium ?
Studying in USA / Canada
No problems mate :)
Studying in USA / Canada
What ? Sorry bro but i really can't believe, that is for University ?
Studying in USA / Canada
Anyway thanks man, at least now i have an idea!
Studying in USA / Canada
Hm thanks for the knowledge, just asking do you know how much it would cost / year a community college knowing that im not an American ? I mean my family is from USA but i borned in Brazil and lived l...
Studying in USA / Canada
So are you saying that study on Belgiun is less expensive than study in Canada ?
Studying in USA / Canada
Do you have any idea of how much would cost a Community college bro ? I didnt born in USA, so i don't have those "30% less" you know what i mean ...
Studying in USA / Canada
Yup, just asking bro ... :P Yea i have some problems that weed help me :P
Studying in USA / Canada
Thanks dude, but why 4. just move to canada ? By what i know medicinal marijuana is legalized in Nevada state or am i wrong ? And about this ... How much MS i would have in ESEA serv...