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1. Device 2. S1mple
Good call, intelligent as well.
1. Device 2. S1mple
Germanic_superiority? I'm probably more danish than you'll ever be :)
1. Device 2. S1mple
Next level stupid here ladies and gentlemen, come take a look and have a laugh!
1. Device 2. S1mple
What do you mean top 3? It's fairly simple, s1mple will be nr. 1 and device nr. 2. Simple has had such a beasting year there is no way he cannot be the best. Even though device the last few months has...
FaZe will win major
Just watch - after today they're 0-2. Doubt they can come back from that the way they play at the moment.
FaZe will win major
FaZe will go out of groups :D
Game Of Thrones
Clearly the best show ever made.
Natus Vincere vs Quantum Bellator Fire
Doubt it'll be close .
Corvidae vs Grayhound
I misunderstood his message, so yeah you are correct, I must be.
Corvidae vs Grayhound
Stop betting if you can't handle losing.
Top 5 Eminem songs
Not afraid gtfo
FlipSid3 vs Misfits
We'll see today.
FlipSid3 vs Misfits
Flipside is the better team imo. I really don't get these odds, seeing just because Misfits played well as of late. Seized not focusing on IGL will destroy I think.
Dumbest player of all time
Are you guys serious? You're the kind of people that just see a video and believe that everything that happened was just dumb. They've both commented on this clip, saying that FNS said he had it, cle...
Name a huge place in Finland where this could be hosted without google. Can't? Not much geographical education ?