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If Astralis does their job like fucking idiots, then I don't want to hear your opinion about the rest of the teams.
Vitality vs Valiance
Welcome to dust2.
It's not like that in urban areas. I think I had 1 mosquito in my apartment last summer and I had my balcony door open a lot. But if you go to woods, you can find places like that, and you just have t...
Depends on where you go, but yes, it's pretty annoying if you live in the north. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piDz0TSL3Q4 http://www.tapanikunnas.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/DSC04560_wm-1024x57...
Or in autumn for ruska.
Low budget mouse and 144hz monitor?
Rival 110 or 310 if you can find a deal. Depends on your handsize and grip too, but 110 is already a solid one. BenQ XL2411 for monitor.
Finland explain
Nah. The only one speaking properly is the interviewer.
Finland explain
Which do you mean? Those guys are Finnish and the one interviewing them is Swedish. First guy is just talking fucked up Swedish as a joke and the second one tells they don't speak much Swedish because...
Finland explain
Best wireless mouse?
Easily switched back to wired from G305. It's not really an issue with a decent cable and correctly set up mouse bungee. I never notice my FK1 cable while playing. EDIT: I would still choose wireless...
Zowie Mice
What mouse are you talking about? I know EC series has pretty bad clicks, but the clicks on my FK1 are very good, unless you like lighter clicks like on Logitech mice. EDIT: Talking about m1 and m2. ...
favorite irl gun 18+
EZ for flysquad
NBK Apex Zywoo BuyOut
Wasn't that 800k said to be not true? Or maybe it was the initial buyout, and it got lowered once nobody wanted to pay that much. I remember at least NBK saying it's not that much.
I r8 your fav/dream car
In Midnight Purple ofc.