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He's playing with a mix, not with a team that has official games and practice. He still streams, but he's taking a break from the team.
f0rest leaves NIP
I thought the conversation was about Neos performance in CSGO. I guess I was wrong.
f0rest leaves NIP
Yeah. He did so well in that major as well. https://www.hltv.org/stats/players/matches/165/NEO?event=2471
Alinity (twitch drama)
stavn Keyboard LUL
I know. And it was in his mouse hand. Had nothing to do with his keyboard. You don't have to list me every pro who had wrist problems. I didn't start following the pro scene yesterday.
stavn Keyboard LUL
There's only a few pros who play with their keyboard on a 90° angle. Shox used to do it, and stavn now, but I can't even remember others. And Shox's way wasn't ergonomic at all, because he had his wri...
stavn Keyboard LUL
90% of the pros play with their keyboard on a 90° angle? Plus at least I don't know a single pro who had wrist pain on their keyboard hand. It's always the mouse hand.
That's a weird fetish.
FINS on Faceit
UK and Denmark are worse.
From fk2 to ec2-a
So it's most likely just that the feet on your new mouse haven't worn down yet. Like you said in another comment, flicks might be better, but spraying is hard. Just keep on grinding, and it will feel ...
From fk2 to ec2-a
Both are black benq versions?
Your dream car?
BRZ/86 for me as well. Best looking fairly cheap car on the market right now. I'm half way with my savings at the moment, but I'm probably going to buy a cheaper car this summer. :/ Though decisions.
r8 my mouse
Not enough circle jerk points in /r/mousereview?
free zywoo
Or is it you? ;)
free zywoo
April fools