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New Turkish Squad???
gobb xantares tarik woxic calyx they could really win something
XXXTENTACION fans come here
at least region lock them for any game...
I Just crashed my car
Nice to hear you're well.
“Money can’t make you happy”
We got 2 polish guys and 1 african guy which speak very broke german, i think learning the language only less is enough. Everything you need is beeing in time + rarely sick.
“Money can’t make you happy”
come to germany, in my company like everyone can have a job as machine cleaner or production helper and earn 1,4k per month lol
New operation release.
+1 cant wait to come home from work, go sleep and grind until work next days
Top 5 football players in history
1. Ronaldinho, most skilled player to ever touch the ball 2. Messi, god since 10 years 3. Christiano Ronaldo even if i don't like him but he's insane 4. Manuel Neuer, not a Bayern München fan, but he'...
Netflix Series
Runescape 2008-2011 was the best of all time
I bought Battlefield V
1st of all get Rainbow6Siege, it's imo a very good game and it's skill required like in CS. 2nd Maybe I will buy as casual shooter Battlefront 2. I played the beta so much, but EA did this bitch move ...
german tekashi69
I hate german youtubers ("influencers") so much....
55:45 match tbh, BIG is ahead, but I think playing INTZ is not a good first match for them.
r8 RpK girlfriend
She's looking fine + You can be sure she's no golddigger
hahah sick movie xD
global gameplay, very impressive, I'm sure the player is a reddit user!
6ix9ine GOAT
6ix9ne is fire