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Steam littered with scams
"Hey bro, I can give my bayonet for all of your csgo sealed graffities (Im collecting them) so if it's ok for you send me trade offer please. Link in my bio"
Shemale is #1 porn in brazil
good words bro, give a dog a smart and good life and trait him as family member and he will give you so much love back.
Ex6TenZ RpK kennyS shox NBK I would get tears in my eyes if this lineup would happen.
Germany 3rd Gender option ??
you got it, the right and left parties are both shit, but the leftists in our country are destroying us.
last time u cried
Yes, but the first weeks/months was very weird. He was always barking, running to the door and welcome you when someone entered my home, but now you go in and there is no one but my parents to welcome...
last time u cried
my dog died early this year, he was 13 years which is good for a german shepherd, but it was very hard for the first days.
5 km running
bro your moms life is worth something even if she clean mcdonalds toilets around the world..
phone support level
users you hate ?
xxxtentacion best songs
1. sad 2. look at me 3. Save Me (LXRY Remix) 4. Yung Bratz
Best way to get banned HLTV
Whats your favorite animal in the zoo?
Black Ops 4 Beta is live !
Only fags play this shit
i5 8400 + geforce gtx 1060
easiest 300 fps of your life
0 turkish liras = 0 euros
difference is with 100 € you can be the king of istanbul, but with 100 lira you can be the kebab guy of berlin.