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Greatest AWPer of all time CS:GO
KennyS by far was the flashiest and had the best era. JW was better when he was on, but it wasn't as consistent. As for defensive awping (playing the traditional role), Guardian was the best. In the c...
2k hours and still gn3
If you're looking for people to play with, I will. I'm GN3/AK
+d2 -nuke?
d2 mirage season tuscan/mill cache nuke try out contra maybe? fuck the rest (unless ferno goes back)
New Drinking Game!
Bring in the BRs. Trying to get smashed tonight
White racism
Honestly, white's are the least racist. Most other races have quite the stigma against whites
Canada or Norway?
Maritimes is the best times. Rest of Canada sucks. Southern Ontario is American for all I'm concerned. Quebec is pointless if you're English or don't like poutine. West coast is nice looking but heard...
Canada or Norway?
We just started getting a bunch of shootings in the last little while. Soon won't be much of a difference between us and you guys down there
You've got 1000 keys
Candy Apple Glock Stainless USP Mehndi P250 Cobalt Disruption Deag Redline AK Bullet Rain M4 Graphite AWP (ST) That's about it. That's my skin dreamlist. Maybe a famas and galil added in
fav position on fav map
a plat d2 awping
Write your shoe size and age, and i will guess your rank.
10.5 US, 24
PiTER vs No Problem!
Pretty close to a comeback win. Good first map, really back and forth
sweet, thanks man
Snowball fights with snow fridges filled with beer
Your Day so far?
Woke up 5:45, got ready for work. Busses running on holiday schedule, so said fuck it and quit and went back to sleep. Just woke up again so gonna play some CS and eat the lunch I made. Probably get d...
CSGO reddit game
It's a part of gaming. Shit, it's a part of competition in general. Why should we get punished because other's can't hit mute... bullshit