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Nepal vs Philippines
lel but its good to see people from my country in tournaments like this :3
TSM vs Natus Vincere
csgo destoryer google chrome app ;D a must need for csgolounge users ;D
TSM vs Natus Vincere TYSM LOL edit: look at my previous post. told ya guys ;D
TSM vs Natus Vincere
LOl TSM easy. Seen last time on Cobblestone Navi vs Fnatic when Fnatic was on holiday? Navi lost horribly even when Fnatic was on holiday. Like graduation gonna weaken TSM. It might even increase thei...
Titan vs Dignitas
Every1 is a global elite on hltv :D
mousesports vs Envy
lol envy strong on dust2 and cache but are they stronger enough to beat Mouz?
Titan vs SK
never trust hltv,csgl or reddit comments. If u wanna get a really accurate prediction by good betting advisor go check out "CS:GO Lounge Betting Advice - CS:GO BA" on facebook. Not joking lol I made...
Envy vs Cloud9
Phenomenon vs Moscow Five
Lol m5 easy on dust? seen their d2 history? they loose almost all the match they play on dust2
PiTER vs Orbit
who would buy glock with armour LOL
PiTER vs Orbit
Round over - Winner: T mikeS:P killed jMqA :# with ak47 jMqA :# killed KAJSKiNG66 with ak47 (headshot) jMqA :# killed monu with ak47 (headshot) mikeS:P k...
PiTER vs Orbit
lol last time im betting on Russian matches
PiTER vs Orbit
Orbit ez pz
Giveaway : 4 Awp Asiimov FT
Profile: Trade Link: Thanks for giveaway :D
Natus Vincere vs Envy
What a match