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Are people equal?
Every one is equal the problem is Culture & religion etc, every one is human first.
I’m a Russian, you can ask me anything
Why russians in csgo have brain of 5 year old bird shit?
We had a terror attack in sweden once, but the idiot only blew up him self.. he was a fkin noob.
Niko Reactions
Hes obviously very competitive.. you will never be good enough in a game like this without a highly competitive mind.
You do want to show respect to this caliber of army but dont be scared there is no reason to be. America tryed to flex once and they ended up "friendly" after a short period of time why do you Think t...
Brax Unban [My Opinion]
The ban was justified because he did indeed commit fraud, and people that compair fraud to cheating saying "oh well the cheaters get unbanned and can play again.." its not the same thing. Cheaters...
Atheists AHAHAH
Why are you mocking others beliefs, something is wrong with you not them. Being kind to people of other faiths is a must in a diverse World. Just having that skill can help you develop a lot of gre...
Hitlers birthday! :)
Fanta originated as a result of difficulties importing Coca-Cola syrup into Nazi Germany during World War II due to a trade embargo. The drink originated in Nazi Germany 1940 and the name was the r...
ScreaM=Awkward LOL
actually laughed at your comment but not in a "racist" way tho cus scream nr1 babe we all know that.
swag unbanned
Cheating is against the rules of the game and you will be banned. Match fixing is against the LAW and absolutely the game aswell. He Does not deserve to get unbanned even tho he is one of the best...
GOD Nik0
+1 Can't wait. He is so damn good, i have been waiting for him to join a team of the same caliber as him self for years and now we will finally see it!! so hyped! hope they take over the scene.
Worst nationality in Csgo? (toxic, retard, troll, idiots)
Mute the toxic player = problem solved. Also i mute russians/ukranians because they dont speak English and a typical russian has a microphone from the ww1 army supply yardsale that they traded for ...
NIP facebook
Only thing sad is americans Calling SK an american team because they are good and alot better then the "american" teams. xD
swedistan people...
31300~ people from Afghanistan live in sweden. 156000~ people from Finland live in sweden. Swedistan? get your facts straight. .
allu's mom?
Its not the same woman, you blind, and its not hes mom or sister that he is kissing. the first Picture is hes sister and the second "kissing Picture" i guess is hes gf.