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Hltv top 20 2017
Think top 3 will be 1.Cold 2.Niko 3. Device Remember that Astralis had a very good start on the year - with a major win among others. After this period they have been a solid top 5 team.
North fix
Agreed: - cajunb + jugi. And maybe - Aizy + Niko. But overall North is still a top 6 team in the world - And expecting two teams in top 5 fra a small country from Denmark - might be too much.
The competition is too hard atm. I Hardly think we will have a new fnatic, NIP or SK era as long as the competition stays on the same level or higher.
Dont worry mate. When boys or men have to praise themselves the amount he does - He either is the opposite of what he says or he has a small dick. Either way he surely has to compensate for something.
depressing countries to live in
Most easteuropean and slavic countries. Their buildings sill evoke memories of the communism with gray concrete and more gray concrete - most of them in bad condition.
Flusha or Dennis as igl and then - Xizt + krimz
astralis lucky
Astralis choked when they let a NA team come in front. They chose to up their game and won on overpass. Then 3 map was on cruise control because they wanted to end it. Sound legit ? :D But Faze w...
Danish superteam
Device Valde Glaive Konfig Xyp9x I know Dupreeh is hot atm but still I think this lineup is the best DK can manage. Device and Konfig would be their "superstars" and Valde and Xyp9x are world clas...
lost all respect for snax
Corrections: "You need to take some english lessons" and "Even if I could understand what you say."
Muslim teacher fired
They cannot make individual rules. These rules are properly made for another group of foreigners, but affects him also. All rules also target a small amount of "wrong people." - otherwise you have to ...
new pc
n0thing legend ?
He is a 1.6 legend - no doubt. Imo he is not a CS:GO legend - he might be in NA but not internationally.
poor s1mple
The funny thing about CS:GO - is that if a team isnt top 3-5 then they should just dispand and they dont have a future. Lets say that to all football teams that arent top 3-5 - just dispand. NAVI is...
non-fat friberg
Not only fat-percentage - also age is a big part of the change.
fnatic 2014-2016
Yes when flusha toggled on they were unbeatable. Lets be honest - Flusha was the most suspicious top-player ever in that period. Even other pro-players public said that his clips were very suspicious...