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My country is...
handling commies
NiP vs Heroic
I'll be honest, I haven't had this much fun watching CS in ages. Somehow these teams and f0rest on fire is purely awesome.
american's teeth
random guy on hltv != statistics
american's teeth
In the 2017 American Community Survey, English Americans are (7.1%) of the total population.[1][2]
WikiLeaks Future
i have classified information concerning ence and friberg
100 euros if you fix my csgo issue.
variance has been known to be caused by incompatible audio / USB installations
country with coolest history
There's nothing cool about Japan, just genocides after genocides, horrible war crimes during world wars and inbetween them.
100 euros if you fix my csgo issue.
You're being paranoid, CS:GO doesn't store anything in the cloud. Once you set a new directory for userdata, everything will be rewritten. You also need to stop touching launch options and BIOS, by d...
chicken in oven
no oven, use bbq grill, fill its anus with olives, lemons and spices and rub some black pepper and salt to its skin, then foil it in aluminium
Natus Vincere vs ENCE
is the audio stereo-reversed or am I dreaming?
Intel LUL
my 10-year-old system still beats all the modern stuff https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/16014218
Intel LUL
what both 2700 and 2700x can be overclocked, X-models are pre clocked to higher frequency
bring de_aztec back
what was the awesome foggy countryside map where you landed with choppers etc and had to rescue hostages?
u only need to go back a couple of years and this site was full of cs-related stuff rather than myspace
WTF Blast
Anders is too emotional for simple-minded NA-fans. He's the best caster there is and very underappreciated as of late.