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fuck off lowlife
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No, it's supposed to sync monitor refresh rate to FPS at 1-143.
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Don't use bloatware All you need after a fresh install: * GPU drivers * Chipset drivers from motherboard's site * Audio drivers (probably from Realtek) * Windows update
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Low resolution = more load on single core on your CPU. Also ensure you have the actual NVIDIA drivers for your GTX1070TI and not the outdated default Windows ones (Windows automatically installs defau...
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Well, you have never listed your settings / resolution / FPS.
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Well, your GFX is horribad low-end.
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Nice BS, W10 outperforms W7 in all the benchmarks.
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why would you ever use launch options
audio settings
7.1 headphones so your headphones include 8 speakers, I doubt that rofl
Swedish snus
How to avoid russians?
Teaching = mandatory classes in this scenario, sorry for the poor choice of words.
How to avoid russians?
Been in touch with Valve regarding this and they have zero plans to get rid of Russians. They have completely ignored the language barrier problem (no public school in Russia teaches English). Just to...
Your GPU idle temp?
No, but time fucked the paste. 3 years is the standard warranty time (which is also the standard thermal paste life).
Experience != stability in production, since you'll always want new features in there.
Your GPU idle temp?
https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/EVGA/GTX_970_SC_ACX_Cooler/29.html Good idea to clean up the heat sinks & probably your entire case (air filters, fans). If you end up opening the card, remove sta...