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Richard Lewis EXPOSED!
Christian religion of peace
comparing the KKK to ISIS looooooooooooooooooool
better than I thought
Zeus with naked grill again
3 year olds are known to browse forums.
Dennis cheating?
m wondering how he turned into a beast when he was nonamer in 2013-2014-mid 2015 what
depends on whether or not I get raped, or if I do, then how many times cmon dog, 3million is 3million. probably won't make that in a lifetime.
Your top 5 hated players ?
1.Freakazoid (hypocritical meathead jacked on steroids) 2.adreN (why is he on a top NA team) 3.shroud (DAE funny FPL clutch xD) 4.ScreaM (ScreaM the best aimer Kappa) 5.Ex6tenz (looks too arrogant...
Lurppis Thoorin
my fav swedish sjw was some dota commentator, with like 5k followers, who thorin called a cunt, then he replied with some utter bullshit like "dont you dare use the genitials of the person I sleep nex...
Lurppis Thoorin
I actually watched that interview and I think Thorin accepts that. Plus the only time I remember him "sucking ex6's dick" was like in last July. it's pretty clear that adren is total shit tho, he w...
Lurppis Thoorin
-adren +Koosta ????
the dream
Most Overrated lineup
ITT: people lost a lot of skins on Astralis
least SEXIEST language
polish. it's like ugly russian.
BileDani most autistic HLTV user
swe4life and his 132 accs were infinetly worse
DaZeD makes n0swal cry...
omg I hate DazeD so much that I watch his stream and create videos about him :( get a life moron