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Top 3 energy drinks
1- Pussy all natural energy drink 2- Pussy all natural energy drink 3- Pussy all natural energy drink Its literally 1000x better then any other energy drink http://www.amazon.com/Pussy-Natural...
Best metal band ever?
Kalmah one of may favorite bands
Best metal band ever?
yeah i mean i kinda understand its almost like A7X and how they fell off they make great music but the lack of Shadows Crazy good screams kinda sux. But idk so far i kinda like the 2 new songs but the...
Best metal band ever?
Yeah iv kinda been disappointed in his vocals since shogun. their first few albums wer the best especially Ember to Inferno one of the best albums of all time in my mind. But surprisingly i saw the...
Haven't seen southpaw yet but Kings never die is one of his best songs.
Best metal band ever?
All of Slipknots albums Beyond GREAT. Mushroomhead is great but mostly their old stuff. A7X best metalcore band ever back when they wer actually metal. and all the rest of the bands great too. Good ta...
Best metal band ever?
Its funny how you are Swedish and listed all american metal bands. And im from the US and most of my favorites are Swedish.tho i do love LoG Killswitch and Trivium
Current ranking pre ESL
TSM just 3-0d them like 4 days ago kid TSM record VS Fnatic is 16-8 over the past few months nice job making shit up tho. Gotta love these fanboiis
Current ranking pre ESL
Ha funny cuz TSM dose that EVERY time they play Fnatic. Somehow tho when Nv dose it one time they #2 lmao
Best Awp Poll ^^
HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA Fiff was voted for at all soooo funny dude like worst AWPer ever
Even if that is the case the point is it wasn't a 7k difference like everyone has been saying its more like 4-5k at most still not a huge deal the admin prolly reimbursed him for the AK he had and his...
Well i never called anyone stupid and i don't really care about typos they have nothing to do with anything regarding intelligence or math. I was in the middle of a Smite game while typing this so ...
I think its super funny the no one here has basic math comprehension. During that round he had $3450 got 2 kills then died and got DDoSed. His team planted the bomb and lost the round so he woul...
Natus Vincere vs NiP
Lucky LMAO 7-0 all torny and it was luck huh? Good Logic
STATTRAK KNIFE Giveaway - the second one!