Played for National Team Of Montenegro in CS 1.6, CS:GO and played for top Montenegro teams.

What I used to do before my knee operation:

Going to get back to it, as soon as it heals.

Played in the past under the nickname:

But can't anymore, since my brother is in possesion of that name and he is back to gaming as well. My new nickname is a variation of it aka "LOBANJICA"
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My thoughts on the mp5
Bro, i was wrong, i understood mp5, it was very late at my place when i was reading, my bad. :) I actually could do a mp9, could be a meme. :D
My thoughts on the mp5
Oh god, i understood mp5, not 9, i actually could do a video about mp9, that would be funny :D
My thoughts on the mp5
Both HLTV and reddit, as well as try to reply to anyone who is, i believe, normal. :D
My thoughts on the mp5
Why brother? It is. :)
My thoughts on the mp5
What you mean brother? I just did a short review of where/how it could be used and OP, regarding the stats and recoil, that will be done by someone much smarter than me. This video I did is more to h...
Im at 175cm and 110kg, i think im a bit lucky with my genetics and cuz i have been training half my life, gymnastics for 2 years, swimming for 2 years, waterpolo for 6 years, breakdance for 5 years, g...
ZeroGP vs MiDošli
And all I know is that I have no clue what you all are talking about, but every year some problems with whoever I play, bark, rade, raw or whoever. :)
mouse mat advice
zowie GSR
Bashing heads? :) "Meet some of these bitches from FPL. yall know who I mean" = meeting my bro jw, ropz, dennis, olof, flusha, apex, jniko, moddii, legija, tabsen etc... I think you misunderstood .....
Actually its great for the back, since I never, never have back pain and my back is not arched forward etc... My back btw:
New, good PC, FPS drops to 150??!! :(
Motherboard? I had a low end gaming motherboard 100$ and had same issues. Switched to IX Hero and I have 400-600fps now with i7 6700k 2x1070gtx
If I actually wanted to act famous, i'd never reply to a topic on HLTV... As every famous, semi-pro or pro player does. :) But ye, big mistake replying to you, though.
To the topic creator: - Its private cuz I post a lot of bullshit and trashtalk/insults, so... Kids who take online trolling seriously, shouldn't be looking at it. :)