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s1mple the first to win MVP when losing final? Wrong
If you go read the original thread that HLTV made when s1mple won his first MVP award while team losing the tournament they themselves said it was the first time. HLTV don't even know their own site.
s1mple k/d +12 (1.27)
Yes he is the player of the year failing over and over and Device just won another MVP and another tournament.
Learn to read.
Can Liquid Finally Win
Doubt it because Astralis map pool is way to deep, Liquid way higher chance beating them in a best of 1 for example in a long set like this it's 100% they lost.
Most cheaters I run into are experienced cheaters who have been doing it for a long time, I rarely get to play with ones you described because they are new players who go and download the first public...
s1mple is the best in 2018 stat wise but he was never this level rest of his career only 2016 onward how can the goat only be relevant at the "top" for 2 years be the "goat of cs go" ? You know the GO...
Device 11 MVPs most of all and more inc soon.
Obviously not and that isn't what the theory is trying to do either imo. Religion is full of shit, written ages ago, has literally no relevance in the real world today yet people still blindly follow...
s1mple k/d +12 (1.27)
It will go to Device because stats + achievements > just stats. Device most MVP awards in CS Go history enough said.
What you mean both can't be proven? Evolution has already been proven with observation, as in we can actually see it happening in different species who live long enough in different habitat and evolv...
Best shotgun player
JW by miles check the stats.
Simple a baiter?
Always was like that but Na'vi was playing good for a period so people never realized it, when they are playing bad that's when it shows the most.
NaVi s1mple
Even though it's completely irrelevant since he's not an entry fragger actually last alive baiter every single round on t side, but yeah opening pick on CT by peeking mid with awp or something like th...
s1mple biater
He baits hard but you can't blame him on that, that is the set up Zeus has them playing and it works on this team since they can actually win some games playing like that. But yeah on T side specifica...
s1mple vs device 1 v 1
Device have chance on rifles and pistols, s1mple would win a lot of the awp ones imo.