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s1mple was the best player last year statistically and that year probably put him in the top 10 all time CS Go but he isn't the GOAT of CS Go.
Zywoo haters come here
We have to see first if he's able to do it consistently against stronger opponents before we get too crazy here. I think he's good for his level of competition but I have to see more before I can make...
Hollywood = pedophiles
Sorry mate but most rightists are weaboos and into Catholicism so there isn't really any argument here which is more into pedophilia.
Sweden lmaooooo
I'm sorry but 3rd worlders are way too gullible, you can make video saying anything you want online and they will believe it even though the guy isn't Swedish and isn't presenting any evidence to his ...
earliest CS memories?
Probably back when I played first on 1.3 before steam existed. During lunch break going with kids from my school to play 5v5s at internet cafe beside our school, also played a lot of diablo 2 those da...
s1mple goat? Sure?
Nah He was the best player in 2018 statistically he isn't a goat or even a top 10 player of CS Go.
Best Post-Ramadan Food
TFW that Muslim just destroyed you in his last comment and you have no comeback.
ufc users come here
Anderson Silva hands down Fedor Emelianenko
s1mple 1st place
Nah I'm serious right now he's a great player ofc and one of the best with no debate but he at the same time is the most over rated player to ever touch this game and there is no way to argue that it'...
Civil war of humanity
Donald Trump is possibly the biggest liar of all time in Politics idk where you got deliverer of truth from hahahah you are brain washed my friend, I have nothing more to say to you and no I'm not Lef...
s1mple 1st place
I mean his stats are the best but was he the best player last year? fuck no but that's not how HLTV rates anything. His individual skill is over rated as fuck, he stat pads, he baits, he's last alive ...
Civil war of humanity
Think it's more about Politics now in days with the extreme left and extreme right being brain washed beyond belief, both think they are woke, both think they are right, but both sides are at an all t...
shoowtime weight loss
Yeah that's more weight loss than kate moss
shoowtime weight loss
I don't think it's the same guy, the guy in his new photo isn't him and yes he's still fat and poor like most BR people.
NRG vs Imperial
Ocean is a god actually one clip doesn't change that, zqkS is really just the worst player who's even been pro even worse than devilwalk.