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#21 NAF #22 Mantuu
So insane how they have Shox in top 30 when he wasn't even good, shows how messed up was 2020.
ZywOo > s1mple and here's why
s1mple is my favourite player without a doubt but there is no way you could be delusional enough to say he's as good as Zyw0o the last couple years, Zyw0o just does more, everyone can see that he's mo...
Worst Major Final Player
Ignorant statement btw and did s1mple reach any major in his first 2 years? I know you are a blind delusional retard fanboy but look at this logically, 2 years in s1mple was literally a nobody banned...
Syrson 10
TOP 10 for being an onliner, must be 2020. Edit: This is literally one of the most depressing and meaningless top 20 HLTV has ever done.
Amount of cheaters
IDK never really seen any blatant cheating. normally thinking the person is just having a good game or is better then me... I almost never cry cheats unless it's actually blatant.
syrsoN 10th??
This rank is based on the entire year not just the few months BiG was relevant.
fragmovie I made for a friend who stopped playing!
I gave you a thumbs up m8, nice thing you did for your friend and a clean edit.
s1mple by far the best player
Really depends on how much they over rated Katowice that is s1mple's only chance for top 1, they weren't close at all this year... Zyw0o is the clear best player in the world in 2020 but again if Kato...
Niko or dev1ce?
I think you should check your timelines because you're actually retarded when s1mple joined Na'vi they were bad but he instantly made them worse and they almost got regulated from pro league. Zeus lef...
Zywoo #1
I would say they are pretty much dead even, not mad at either of them getting the top #1 HLTV award since it literally means nothing but in terms of who I truly think deserve it... Obviously Zyw0o, s...
Jks new record?
JKS is good on LAN only, online he's somewhat of a trash but who cares online?
s1mple VAC ban
Risk career with this dumb shit?
Best Classical Piece [imo]