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Top 20 players of 2021: electroNic (7)
Top 5 level player but he isn't at his playing online cs which was most of the year.
Top 20 players of 2021: b1t (9)
Average stats and low impact rating how is he on top 10?
J. Cole enjoyers
Conway is top 1 for me and I like WSG more than Benny, Benny is dope but he's just way to similar to other rappers these days, Conway and WSG are really unique and have a style of their own.
J. Cole enjoyers
I only listen to Griselda.
Ropz eye blemishes?
"I always see ropz have those things under his eye and assumed he just had an eye cream routine" Pretty much sums up HLTV.
G2 = Russia
Can't wait to watch this kid getting destroyed by s1mple, zyw00 and shiro.
mens come (serious)
Going through the same type of thing with a girl I been seeing for 3 months now, it's incredibly frustrating and recently we've started the friends with benefits which I thought would make me happy bu...
Magisk and dupreeh
They still were placing high in all tournaments just not winning them. After he left Astralis they were shit tier, and NiP climbed the ranking into a top 5 spot even with him not being at his best th...
who's better Niko or Zywoo
I think NiKo is a really insanely good player but he isn't even remotely in the same level as Zyw0o or S1mple, no statistic can compare him to those they are better at every aspect of the game and eve...
Grim, Stewie2K and FalleN removed from Liquid's starting line up
That lineup is actually terrible, literally no clue what they are thinking.
If Na'Vi flop this tournament
It's not Navi's fault but this is mostly an online era so it can't be considered an actual era until they win more LANs unless you're a delusional fanboy.