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fRoD defends leaf
Gaules is the biggest streamer- no he isn't, only at certain games at other times and all times he is no where near that viewership. He speaks Portuguese true, why should I imagine he spoke English th...
gaules playing victim
I was talking specifically in Italy, he had it in France as well but in your own country is a different level.
hating s1mple is addiction here?
Na;vi are a better team in general, Zyw0o is better than s1mple though and he doesn't need everyone on the team to play around him and set him up, even when he roles as entry he's the best player in h...
hating s1mple is addiction here?
zywoo had the best lan stats against top 10 last year its not like he is bad on LAN or something and tbf its impressive as hell a player who is that aggressive for his team can consistently put up mon...
hating s1mple is addiction here?
s1mple had a better 1st half of the year and zyw0o was better in the 2nd half, if you notice in 2020 it's starting to happen again just watch. I love s1mple but there is no need for excuses, zywoo pl...
Trump is gonna win
Imagine voting for 70 y/o white men and getting mad when their party passes unconstitutional laws over and over again to make their buddies happy and at the same time posting fake statistics over and ...
My Valorant Opinion (long)
the graphics and art style is trash imo i never liked it and it never appealed to me, the movement is so slow like jesus what were thy ever thinking with that shit. Its a complete rip off of cs with ...
gaules playing victim
No one got it worse than Balotelli.
Messi will play for LA Galaxy in MLS.
I pray everyday that MiBR disband so their fans go away from CS honestly.
I wouldn't even argue that and he was also an amazing player from LGB up until the end of 2017 but I'm saying he started to decline from that idk what's up with him but I would honestly love to see hi...
Was really good in 2nd half of 2017, even better than NiKo, was a top 5 player from there he's fallen off hard, went from being a top player in the world and a 2nd star on FaZe to being a liability in...
I don't compare them tbh one is awper and one is rifler, Xantares plays with harder gun and roles than Woxic does so it's like a pointless comparison tbh.