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electronic is very good
Zyw0o has never even played with another top 20 player in his team, his best year when he got top 1 in 2019 no one in his team could keep a consistent 1.00 rating on LAN in his team that's literally a...
Dark Souls isnt hard
Dark Souls is all about knowledge, everything is dodge and roll to attack in the back or sides for every boss almost ever but you have to first learn their patterns and attacks that's the difficult pa...
Portuguese and brazilians come here
Yeah in Portugal depending where you are from it will be hard to understand certain peoples accents, for example people from samigal are very hard to understand for me. With the Brazilians I've spoke...
Fun fact
They also used mustard gas in Vietnam which burned people & wildlife alive. Here is a fun fact for you. Terrorist groups in the middle east are actually using the same tactics the Japanese created in...
Portuguese and brazilians come here
Brazilians speak way to fast to understand honestly.
Worst Roster Moves
Removing RpK from Vitality for Kyojin was the worst I've seen recently.
Liquid will change roster soon
I don't agree with a lot of what you're saying tbh for example I never brought up Grim being better initially because they were playing online in NA literally no one gives a shit about that. Stewie a...
Liquid will change roster soon
Weird how Grim played so long with this team and hasn't improved at all. Stewie is just bad no one can even debate that anymore, he needs to reinvent himself entirely his play style doesn't fit his sk...
Dream job
Best games of ALL TIME
Shenmue I & II Diablo 2: LOD CS 1.6 Battlefield 2 Street Fighter 3rd Strike Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution
That would fit perfect you have NiKo to IGL and Anchor on CT, Zyw0o awps obviously, S1mple is playing as an 2nd entry/2nd awp CT while Ropz is lurking which would shit on any team out there, Yekindar ...
Zyw0o S1mple Niko Yekindar Ropz
ppl who play valorant for fun come
2 things made it unplayable for me. 1. Vanguard (not even going to explain this, everyone knows) 2. The way it plays, the way it feels when you're playing it.... Literally feels like one of those old...