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ZywOo top 1 2019
You can't really compare Zyw0o to anyone else, there has never been a player like him playing in a tier 3 team and able to carry them in tier 1 against best teams in the world, hardest carry of all ti...
Canadian equivalents to american cities and states
Montreal is the only city in all of Quebec that's similar to some cities in the United States, the rest of Quebec is like if France was 3rd world, there is nothing in USA to compare it. Also his compa...
Canadian equivalents to american cities and states
Flag checks out and he has Montreal listed, wonder where that is located.
If they get bomb plant and 1 kill in pistol they have enough for krieg 2nd round.
Name the most iconic duo
device and dupreeh together since source.
ZYWOO pleb filter
I don't think he's really micro managing the team, he is literally just a god and wins a majority of his fights whilst making extremely intelligent plays. He's actually insane for an 18 y/o in his fir...
ZYWOO pleb filter
Never seen a player with those support stats get called a baiter tbh. The guy does literally everything for that team.
Poor people mentality
Low tier baiter, contradicts himself several times in his own thread which shows his low IQ.
S1mple TOP 1
That's so weird, Zyw0o whole team plays around him yet he has better support stats than s1mple does, what a world we live in.
#11 NaVi
New fag when my throw away account is older than your og one hahahah nice kid. When you watch Na'vi you literally see every game that electronic is way better rifler than s1mple, in every aspect even...
#11 NaVi
Guardian has better stats than Zeus did and they could win with Zeus so stfu with this nonsense garbage blaming on 1 player it's ridiculous. Na'vi cannot win because s1mple is not Awping and has liter...
I mean short people are less likely to have back and knee problems later on in life that seems like an advantage?
I've been in Cuban ghettos during vacations in Cuba you think I'm scared of a couple Muslims.
War with china
Nuke the air space? This sound like the perfect plan until you realize the radiation from the Nuke would be in the atmosphere and the people below would be radiated and evaporated in one big genocide...
War with china
WW2 same thing Germany and Russia. Also this doesn't really matter anymore when they can just nuke and bomb tf out of your country without ever having boots on ground.