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Fallen escaped from gaming house
0/8 Chimp's are not Monkeys.
Natus Vincere fix
You can't fix a shit team sorry.
NAF Fans come here
Consistent high stats and lots of impact for the entire year. Twistzz was good for like 2? maybe 3? months of the entire year and the rest of the year he was average even Elige was better than him mo...
FaZe will win IBP Masters
Rain is toxic and shit, NiKo is toxic and good, I'll take NiKo any day of the year.
NAF 6th ???????????
Naf is way better than twistzz wtf ? Twistzz had like 2 insane events and the rest of the year he was average, NAF was good the entire year.
R8 my gf
All 5 Astralis players in top 13
If they are dragged down by him how come they achomplished more with him than without? Remember they were playing with Seized IGL, Guardian & S1mple and they didn't do shit they were fucking garbage n...
All 5 Astralis players in top 13
I mean every player I listed in 2014 played in LDLC at some point so I think that makes it valid or no? Not saying they were together at same time just saying they all played in LDLC in 2014 at some p...
My final #1 S1mple post
Honestly I don't care who earned top 1 either way Device already has all his MVPs, titles, prize earning etc s1mple will get some rank on HLTV good for him, become first player who ranked top 1 and wa...
My final #1 S1mple post
No argument which is expected from any s1mple fanboy.
All 5 Astralis players in top 13
Didn't one of the French teams do that already? LDLC in 2014 possibly ? 2014 LDLC Shox #8 Happy #10 Apex #15 NBK #17 Kioshima #19
My final #1 S1mple post
That isn't the point I'm making 2 different situations first one guy wins MVP because he has better stats but isn't the best player in the game. 2nd situation guy gets the notoriety and recognition as...
189 cm 115 kg
210 cm 122.6 kg Also I though HLTV would have way bigger men since were not betas but the statistics I'm taking from this thread shows HLTV is full of betas actually.
Yeah and I feel bad for countries like UK, Germany, France etc they are investing all this money into countries who to this day hate them for something that happened so long ago, Polish people remind ...
The funniest shit is when brain washed Polish retards say they pay more into EU than they're taking, makes me burst out laughing I mean how dumb could you be to say something that retarded when we hav...