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astralis choke
They always choke, I dont understand your surprise. They never made it anywhere in a major
How much money do you have to spend with a girl so that she...
+1 rekt
everything has shadows in my monitor
take off its burka
Sweden is dead
Poland isn't a legitimate country
There are few legitimate countries left in Europe, and those that are left usually dont have a legit government
Muslim Peaceful
Im gonna go on a hunch here, but I think they included the thousands of pounds muslims send to their families in their country of origin in this study. Send money from Europe to your grandfather in Mo...
He had all the advantages, but he failed to pick a good hiding place and failed to trade Niko's death. He got all the opportunities but instead peeked way to late and just got rekt.
This, so much this. The Germans on Mouz are just bots
I feel so bad for Niko, same as KennyS in old Titan. He carries everything everytime and still he loses coz Denis and Spiidi are basically sleeping.
valve destroying csgo
Im not sure but I thought bullet impact decals are rendered clientside and could therefor be inaccurate? Can anybody confirm/correct this?
revolver is a troll ?
Im praying for this to be true, please let it be the troll of the century
Richard Lewis banned from Dreamhack events
Richard Lewis banned from Dreamhack events
Loda should be banned imo, not RL. Why is he even backstage, why is he provoking RL? Im not saying RL is innocent, im saying Loda is guilty as fuck, at the very least of making threats and intimidatio...
How many languages do you speak ?
There are very few people left that speak Dutch in Indonesia.
How many languages do you speak ?
Its pretty similar, if you speak slowly to each other you can make out most of it. EDIT: Reading it is very simple though, just a little different spelling