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Area 51 vs MWNL
No, he just joined Luminosity Gaming.
fnatic vs NiP
Can we please start having BO 5 finals in majors?
Luminosity vs SKDC
Their lineup has gone through a lot of changes this season, true, but pretty much every team's lineup has changed at least once this season. Still, they were doing pretty well for a while and then cha...
Luminosity vs SKDC
Ocean retired? Is that why virtus is back?
eLevate vs SKDC
Dude Hiko wanted to kick n0thing shortly before he left the team. Doubt he'd ask nothing to join a new team. I also doubt shroud would leave c9. Desi is interested in a team, but I don't know how ska/...
CPH Wolves vs Liquid
English stream?
LGB vs FlipSid3
wrong thread
Cloud9 vs Denial
Oh, so he's shaguar 2.0
Cloud9 vs Denial
Relyks went to SKDC, where did slemmy go?
Cadian ._.
I think you mean thanks for telling us the best time to go to Prague.
VexX vs Rhythm
In case anyone is lost like I was, in cevo these teams go by different names now. I think it takes a season for HLTV to keep up with name changes, but these names seem to change 2 or 3 times a season ...
Property vs Violetdreams
PUFFRAN! Darnit I was hoping to see some upset action. Oh well, property better beat team winner.
LGB vs puta
All 5 are recognizable Danish players. This team actually looks like a decent lineup for a mix team. I don't know how much experience they all have together except for crzy and colon, but they certain...
Torqued vs Liquid
Torqued: Super PUG. Can't beat that double awp clutch.
Liquid vs SKDC
Jesus MLG, get your shit together.