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USA=25% of top 20 teams
I didn't read the comments, just saw his poor ability to use 2nd grade math that I figured I would post, which I seldomly do. Unfortunately his inhabilities just gives more ammunition against Americas...
USA=25% of top 20 teams
His math is wrong lmao. its 20%. Make sure you can do simple division before you make a post.
de_lite CS Go
Unban ex-IBP
they didnt set a date for when epsilon is unbanned, they are all unbanned perm too..
Na'Vi Flamie confirmed by org
shh with your 3rd world country bullshit
Na'Vi Flamie confirmed by org
[BOLD]Starix[/BOLD] also [BOLD]did not leave[/BOLD] the org, he simply switched to the [BOLD]team coach/manager[/BOLD] which seems to be a [BOLD]common trend[/BOLD]when a team releases a [BOLD]statist...
CS:GO Pins at Katowice
what do the pin codes actually attribute to in the steam store or in cs go?
NA cs died with iBP
sean is a good in game leader and has stepped up statistically over the last 6 months. there is no one more experienced in NA they could do this role better(that isn't banned), so the roster you menti...
NA cs died with iBP
they just need a roster change to gain some more potential. shahzam def was not the right pick up. He played the worst on their team during ESL ONE minus sean but by a few frags but that is accounted ...
NA cs died with iBP
something changed? yea swag quit and joined iBP lol.. him and hiko carried them to that semi final at DHW13 and any other round of 8 they made.
Science 1 - Religion 0
Lol +1
official starix thread
to think if kennyS would replace smithzz in EnvyUs, top #1 world would be established as strong as NiP 87-0 run. EnvyUs' offense would run perfect for kennyS since happy just runs defaults, so kennyS ...