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magiskboy face
who cares? he gets more pussy than you and he gets big dollars by playing his favorite game.
Gambit vs North
Inferno is great and so is MSL.
If NiP beat Astralis
This would require some next level NIP magic and/or Astralis choke! Bump.
KennyS is SHIT compared to what he was in TITAN. He is not even top5 AWPs atm.
flusha weird action
I am going to give you advice that will get you out of silver hell. Ready? Flusha uses headset. Try it.
kioshima should be happy
LOL Happy was/is the problem. But topfrgging baiters can get away with that.
FalleN demo bug/weird mouse movement?
Interesting. What is the source for the Dreamhack part (being more strict with the equipment)? If this is true, that would explain some of the experience iv had watching these tournaments.
TACO improved a lot or cheating?
Seriously though, I wanna know how many hours have TACO and Cold put in last year and what is their CS history. These guys are fishy as fuck. I mean when Flusha was lifting, at least he also had insan...
Liquid vs mousesports
Now that they have S1mple and JDM, I actually think they can pretty much take Mirage middle every time they want.
Major Drop Bots
Drops for prime accounts only.
NiP vs FlipSid3
Bondik was the problem, too passive. I think Waylander Zeus kill on Forest summarizes this perfectly.
2-1 flipside ROFL
NIP got totally outplayed by map veto, Blad3 antistrat 2 stronk.
Immortals legit??
Just watch LUCAS1 pov.
FaZe vs fnatic
What reset if they were not even trying ;)
FaZe not that bad
Yep, FaZe wasnt even trying Cobble. Consider also the fact that they were drawn into same group as Fnatic etc.