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CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
CPU Cooler: DeepCool Maelstorm 240T
MBO: Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite
GPU: XFX RX 480 GTR 8GB Black Edition
RAM: 2x8 GB G.Skill 3200Mhz
Monitor: BenQ Gamer XL2420T @ FullHD - 144hz
Mouse: Razer DeathAdder v2
Headset: Razer Thresher 7.1
Keyboard: Razer Huntsman
MousePad: Cooler Master MP510
Case: Corsair 270r

Mouse history:
- Razer CopperHead
- Logitech G5
- Logitech MX518
- Razer DiamondBack x 3
- Razer Abyssus
- SteelSeries Xai
- Zowie FK'14
- Zowie FK1
- Zowie FK1+
- Zowie EC2-A
- Zowie ZA11
- Razer DeathAdder Chroma
- Razer DeathAdder Elite x2
- Razer DeathAdder v2 x2
- Razer Viper x2
- Mionix Avior 7000
- Mionix Castor Yellow
- Logitech G403 Prodigy x2
- Zowie FK1+
- Zowie ZA11
- Dreammachines DM1 Pro S
- Glorious Model O
- Xtrfy M4 Retro
- Endgame Gear XM1r

Mouse pad history:
- Razer Mantis Speed
- SpeedLink BattlePad
- SteelSeries QcK+
- IceMat
- Mionix Propus 380
- PureTrak Talent
- Artisan Hayate
- Zowie G-SR
- CoolerMaster MP510

Keyboard history:
- Zalman ZM-K500 (Kailh red)
- Cooler Master Quickfire TK (Cherry brown)
- Razer Huntsman (Razer purple opto)

Also played:
- Quake Live
(Rated Clan Arena top 1 in Hungary by
- Wolfenstein:Enemy-Territory
(ex member of Team-Hungary)

My favorite mice:
1. Razer DeathAdder V2 9/10
2. Logitech G403 9/10
3. Xtrfy M4 Retro - 8/10
4. Razer Diamondback - 8/10
5. Zowie FK1 - 7/10

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Fast paced FPS?
This sack of shit is made by the same "dev team" who made Battalion 1944 , one of the biggest mutlipalyer FPS failures ever. They did NOT fulfill their KICKSTARTER promises to their backers. Most of t...
Suggest me a book
Walter M. Miller Jr.: A Canticle for Leibowitz Wolfgang Jeschke: Der letzte Tag der Schöpfung Michael Crichton: Sphere
season 1 was amazing, but it got so bad after that Worst series of all the time? Stranger Things, The Walking Dead after 1st season, Money Heist after 1st season, Westworld after 1st season
csgo on CRT?
i used to play it 120hz 21" crt in 2015 , loved it, but i switched places and it was just easier to travel around with an lcd
500hz vs 1000hz
i used to use 500hz polling rate back in the around 2005-2010 because as far as I can remember no mice back then was able to provide stable 1000hz i have been using 1000hz for quiet some time now, but...
Best mouse for cs
depends on your hand size you like ambi or 1 handed mice wired/wireless eg. i was using a DA V2 for a long time and I figured out it was way too big for me and I aim better with smaller mice so atm ...
finally global
gratz mate!
Your greatest purchase
Samsung S9+ for 30€ Razer Tresher 7.1 Wireless for 30€ Razer Huntsman for 50€ Zowie G-SR for 10€ Volvo V50 2.0D with 140k km for 3k €
1.62€/L petrol
around 1,4€
10/10 PC GAME
Witcher 3 is good but nothing special in my opinion. Skyrim is much better to be honest. The Long Dark is az amazing indie title which is 10/10 for me, really enjoyed this game. Firewatch is also an a...
Volvo V90r Renault Talisman Citroen C5 (old but gold)