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CPU: Intel i7-4790k @ 4,6 ghz
CPU Cooler: DeepCool Maelstorm 240T
MBO: Gigabyte Z97-HD3
GPU: XFX RX 480 GTR 8GB Black Edition
RAM: 16 GB HyperX Beast @ 1866 Mhz
Monitor: BenQ Gamer XL2420T @ FullHD - 144hz
Audio: Asus Xonar DG
Mouse: Razer DeathAdder Elite
MousePad: Artisan Hayate
HeadSet: AKG K514
Keyboard: CM Storm QuickFire TK
Case: Corsair 270r

Mouse history:

- Razer CopperHead
- Logitech G5
- Logitech MX518
- Razer DiamondBack x 3
- Razer Abyssus
- SteelSeries Xai
- Zowie FK'14
- Zowie FK1
- Zowie EC2-A
- Razer DeathAdder Chroma
- Razer DeathAdder Elite
- Mionix Avior 7000
- Mionix Castor Yellow
- Logitech G403 Prodigy
- Zowie FK1+
- Zowie ZA11
- Dreammachines DM1 Pro S

Mouse pad history:

- Razer Mantis Speed
- SpeedLink BattlePad
- SteelSeries QcK+
- IceMat
- Mionix Propus 380
- PureTrak Talent
- Artisan Hayate

Also played:

- Quake Live
(Rated Clan Arena top 1 in Hungary by
- Wolfenstein:Enemy-Territory
(ex member of Team-Hungary)

My favorite mice:
1. Logitech G403 - 9/10
2. SteelSeries Xai - 9/10
3. Razer Diamondback - 8/10
4. Zowie FK1 - 7,5/10
5. Dreammachines DM1 Pro S - 7/10

Now playing:
Call of Duty Black Ops IIII
Forum posts
so valve...
have fun in dmg xDDDDDDDDDDD
so valve...
so valve...
Yeah it's been one of the most played games on CB before 2k10, but what do you know about those times, u were born in the 2000s :DDDD
so valve...
I keep brining up CS because this is why this conversation has even begun, so what drugs are u on mate? Yeah I've been playing online for 14 years , I don't know much about FPS game really :DD Dude ...
blackout release in eu?
IKR. However I'm only working until 16:30 that day, so I cleared my calendar for that weekend. really hyped for bo4 TheAdzeShow#2552 if you wanna play together sometime
so valve...
u are the living example of the glassy, skinny pimple geek stereotype :D Come back when you hit puberty CS casual
so valve...
So? I did. Why would even come up with this bullshit "cod devs have no idea how to imrpove their game, it hasnt been improved for a long time" when your beloved CS is literally the same since 1999
so valve...
i never said I was the best player in both games, i said i was great at fps games in general, far from the best, still now, lets play that 1on1
so valve...
the only thing you fucked so far is your right hand, and your hand is gonna remain your bitch for a real long time now go and play some casual CS pimple spoiled kiddo , LOL
so valve...
did you just wake up honey? babysleep right?
blackout release in eu?
friday 6 am cest
Australians come here
how fucking sick it is that you can play bo4 a day early
so valve...
in this case i can tell you that you are stupid
so valve...
Don't cry kid just cause your beloved game has very limited skill ceiling :S
so valve...
Then what is he exactly competing for? :D