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Who has been here for the longest
Italians 'so ol skool! <3
Who has been here for the longest
<3 Vet's <3
[18+] r8 hot scene
I'm round and ur two'faced. Thats why I am so funny HEHEHHE.. plain logic. Meeh you Swedes are meehx lately. And ur not Great, Ur Alex the bad. So might change perhaaaaaaaps? WannABE YES Im 16, awfu...
[18+] r8 hot scene
If yes then no, but if yes then yes. Just plain logic. Sir Alexander, have a nice and awful day lil'B (:
faze "fans"
You simply care too much. Bad thread, bad boy!
muslim vs atheist
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3z0w-dXJlg Krauss literally rapes this nonsense guy so hard. Pretty funny. Boring discussion though, talking to a dry wall for 2 hours just can't be fun for a scient...
Who has been here for the longest
Same, my first account of many was from that 2002' era as well. Highfive real vet. Have a good day ;-)
Cloud 9 fans
Sure I have #I Believe #Belelele Tarik's decision
ayyy' wow ur too fast in the cornah. remember that man's not hot, so take off ur jacket! Ps: Was no meme~~ Just reality over deluded -> target "person" you damn square pear face <3
Who has been here for the longest
Me and my OG's, not you newbtwat <3
Yeah, that pretty much summed up ur sad life <3 May Joelz make you some minced_meat, as most Americans are too lazy to do that em'self u nutsack of an elf.
The word "Nigger"
It's around Joelz corner.
[18+] r8 hot scene
Yes but no. But yes again.
[18+] r8 hot scene
Nah, B is daughter of A, lil skunk.