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sadly, its budget NA, just like BR((
k0nfig carrying NA
Haha, he will end like Bobby B, lol!
aim training 3 hrs a day
DM is fun, I get it. But if you want to spend 3h/d for practise there are much better ways to do it
Saddest movie you saw
I find "The machinist" weirdly sad. Like it leaves with such an emptyness that your sadness does not feel as an emotional outburst, but rather like your spirit being drained from within
s1mple in 2015
Change filter to 2016 and you'll know why :D
The trade-off that you describe does not exist. It is impossible to be the best at something and a complete retard in everything else. If you want to become the best at something, you need to optimize...
:P I'm finishing my engineering studies with a heavy focus on computational stuff, and I'm realizing that all the maths I ever learned is useful and at the same time my biggest weakness is all the mat...
Ty! :) Is there something else you want to know?
Well first, you need to differentiate between mathematics as an abstract (geometrical) science and mathematics as a languague or notation. The former is the thing that enables you to develop a lot of ...
math is THE most useful subject ever! If you really understand math deeply, you can work in all fields of engineering, physics and chemistry and probably even earn a lot more money there, than people ...
shox underrated?
Yes! +1 Apex said in an interview that he persuaded shox to play more solo positions on CT again (like on overpass or nuke ramp) and it is working really well for him right now
corona deaths!
I guess he implied that #corona deaths depends very much on how many deaths you want to count as corona casualties. I would agree, that there is also the option to not test for corona when a deceased...
Olof retirement has come
could happen BUT in a recent interview with thoorin karrigan said multiple times how rain is one of the best players in the world when he goes in 2nd to refrag and play afterplants. I really think kar...
corona deaths!
True, but 3mio peoply live in Almaty and Astana alone, so the nimbers for new york are probably still higher even when you try to account for densities