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5 finals 5 losses
You saying FaZe got 1 win then disappeared the other half of the year?
Man hits her PREGNANT wife while on stream
It's sometimes hard to criticize "properly" a bad situation when both of the sides are dicks, easier just to focus on the worst one. I would rather not even comment on this couple cause clearly they a...
s1mple k/d +12 (1.27)
+1337 definitely ever, easily the best in CS GO (skill wise)
s1mple k/d +12 (1.27)
here you go I help you -
s1mple k/d +12 (1.27)
"Just stats" - NaVi are the 2nd best performing team of 2018 and he is currently in the top15 for winnings (behind fnatic who only there because of wesg). s1mple is the player of the year, astralis ...
device top 1 99.9%
That is the case, but it doesn't mean that they stopped caring about achievements. s1mple didn't win a single premier event in 2017 and had around 60 maps played in "big events" (tier1 players had aro...
device top 1 lmao
Yes? lol
Are s1mple fans scared?
He has the MVPs because his team is the best and he is always slightly ahead in stats, sometimes it's so close between them nobody really stands out but he still gets the MVP. He literally bottom frag...
Are s1mple fans scared?
He is the best player of the year already if you didn't notice, he doesn't need confirmation from anyone If hltv was run by cis people he would've gotten the title from them, but the owners are danis...
device top 1 99.9%
They changed toward a more skill dominant ranking since 2014, but I'm sure with their danish bias it's an easy top1 for device
Device will be TOP1 of 2018
s1mple is top1 of 2018, doesn't matter what fangays and hltv says xd bookmark this comment
dev1ce top 1 of the year
Nah he is on the best team and all of his team is top11 this year, s1mple is the true carry top1 of the year
EnVyUs/LDLC won more lans in 2015 than Astralis did in 2018, and the french were still way behind fnatic who won around 10 that year alone (with 2 majors).
He had to go because his shaking hacks were too blatant even for astralis
fnatic 2015 would have won this bo5
are you blind man he literally posted the link in this thread with their match history being over 50 percent in favor of TSM, smh