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All great sport/esports legends will look silly if they continue playing way after their retirement point. Once they're at the age where they can no longer play at a decent level or maintain a top for...
"Just for fun", completely wrong they said they are serious about making a winning team. Watch their team announcement and the HLTV podcast with TaZ. It's not a "just for fun" team https://www.hltv.o...
This is much worse than dignitas, at least dig had a core lineup with a lot of potential for sponsorships, and honestly a better chance at making a comeback than neo and taz. dignitas gave it a decent...
From the HLTV podcast with TaZ I think he is a bit delusional about what he can do in this game, as a player in particular.
FaZe vs Heroic
faze case study how to waste potential of players. never get any igl, remove supportive players, don't even have a dedicated awper, always adding random fraggers with 0 consideration for team play
FaZe vs Heroic
the main problem is that NiKo is a shit IGL and he can't possibly lead a team in a tier1 setting.
Nordavind vs HONORIS
Man they already achieved everything in this game, why do they keep torturing themselves and their fans with playing years after they should've retired? Just invest the money into something, even pash...
Nordavind vs HONORIS
Very nice of nordavind to always throw against honoris to at least give them some hope. But unfortunately every team that actually tries completely destroys them
BIG vs Endpoint
BIG proper rank is the same as it always has been, around 15-20 in the world. They got some points in a lucky streak, and due to inactivity from the online era they just sky rocketed to supposed top1....
Tikitakan vs Gambit Youngsters
It's not a team, it's just a mix. and a mix of any players is still just another mix
Tikitakan vs AVEZ
I love how people like you keep claiming teams are fixing every one of the matches they bet on, yet they continue betting. Not only stupid, but sick individuals, get some help
Tikitakan vs Gambit Youngsters
Honestly baffling how a mix can play evenly with a top25-28 team that's been playing together for a year. Kinda goes against this whole tactical shooter idea in the top scene, or maybe the online era ...
Tikitakan vs Gambit Youngsters
These guys aren't a team they're a mix, they are huge underdogs to beat a team that is arguably top25. I think it's quite a different category now for a mix to play in, attax are overrated and the res...
GamerLegion vs HONORIS
These legends really don't know when to quit. Even loord retired from playing while he was still playing tier3 with his team being top25. Not being able to do anything in tier5, probably a good time t...
damn you're right. g2, vitality, faze haven't wont a single event this year, really shows what a weak season this was