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G2 vs North
You know over 90 percent of all bettors in competitive games lose in the long run, I can tell you are from those 90 percent. Probably the best thing you can do is to stop betting.
G2 vs North
Stop betting, just from this comment I can tell it's probably a bad idea for you... From a objective stand point I would say North have little chances in dd2 considering they are unskilled compared to...
G2 vs North
Back in the day North were criticized for being an unsuccessful top10 team, now they are barely top25 and all their changes starting with the kjaerbye/magisk switch resulted in them getting worse ever...
G2 vs North
North still getting worse and worse every new iteration of their team. They started as the highest payed team, struggled for a year until finally winning a title with MSL, kicked him right afterwards ...
FaZe vs NiP
That play from twist though, he really isn't suited for tier1 play he has the lower tier let's randomly jump in clutch situations genes
Virtus.pro vs FaZe
who would've thought a couple of years ago that with players like olof, rain, cold and niko in the same lineup, you would only get below average tier2 team.
Virtus.pro vs FaZe
FaZe were already a bad team team play wise, now without star performance they are completely out of the top level. Cold sure did pick a bad time to join this squad, at best they could compete at tier...
Astralis vs m1x
More like, can they take 10 rounds? They had their magical chemistry lineup but now they already have a different player, I think they will not take more than 10 rounds on either map.
mousesports vs m1x
I would not have said it in the beginning, karrigan had an history of improving teams that lacked tactical depth when he joins. Now after more than 6 months of him being in this new lineup, this perfo...
How good were IBP
Finally a person here that knows a bit of the CS GO history. They were the best in NA, just when it seemed NA was gonna be relevant globally with their improvements they got banned. Set back the scen...
Israel not legit
USA is not a legit state. Killed the natives, selfishly fought against the British nation that established it, and stole some land from Mexico aswell. Change my mind.
Frankie womens))
Honestly surprised anyone in the regular CSGO pro/casting circle would even give this sewage cesspool of a forum a chance at this point. It is standard procedure to avoid these forums as a pro, and wi...
The market manipulation is obvious now but a lot of people really believed it was going to be a real currency in late 2017 when it spiked to around 20K usd. A lot of people invested quite a bit of mon...
The bitcoin scam of attracting people by pumping the price up is getting old. The market is so easily manipulated making it far worse than almost all centralized currencies, so honestly it failed in e...
Pump and dump, like the last time it spiked in late 2017. This investment relies entirely on scamming people who get in when the price is high, while everyone else is selling. Other than that this "cu...