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r8 girl challenge #2
You started off fairly clean and then you had to go and post pictures of children, probably better if you stop now. Also the Albanian girl is a 15 year old that died after falling from a second story ...
Thorin tweet about astralis skipping tournaments
You're right that is an issue. I do remember about a year and a half ago I saw a video about changes to the rules which regulate how companies can own teams. They should be allowed to only have one te...
Thorin tweet about astralis skipping tournaments
He's upset Astralis skipped some events which he likes (one of them he was involved in), while they attend all BLAST lan events organised by their parther company rfrsh. You can summarize by saying he...
Thorin tweet about astralis skipping tournaments
Astralis skipping events had zero negative impact on their era. They won the majors and most other events they attended. Implying they have a responsibility to be fair to all organizers by attending t...
Worst LAN CSGO match you've watched
People don't remember this for sure, but this qualifier for one of the worst lans ever is one of the worst games I've ever seen https://www.hltv.org/matches/2296728/kinguin-vs-flipsid3-gaming-paradise...
To be technical it is neither orange nor red, it is crimson. It is a shade of red however
ODDS AT S1MPLE #1 2018
Yes? What's funny about it? Man these newfags are not even putting in any effort The fact they are sponsoring HLTV is already working together, the fact they make unique predetermined bets with insid...
ODDS AT S1MPLE #1 2018
Bro, you understand the results are already determined? they are working with HLTV and they make bets for something they control. It's collusion and it's a really nasty one, not only can they manipula...
s1mple #1, easy money
I love bets when the result is already determined, really makes a lot of sense
[18+] Is she 13? brazillian grill
disgusting pedo shit right there, parents should commit sudoku
Pros deathmatch
tbh I think that's just a really bad server, some death match servers are much more challenging than others
Pros deathmatch
You're absolutely right about the history, but he didn't ask who would win in 2016, did he? xd shox of old is long gone, and he won't be coming back
These racist NPC's are getting old, they need updated software just like the leftists so they could at least once in their lifes make an original comment
VP hltv ranking
haha top10 "very likely", I'd bet you 100 dollars they will not be top10 with this lineup
VP hltv ranking
They will make it top30, a lot of semi pro teams made it that far and VP has the experienced players. But they will never be top10