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2 completes in final?
google translate does amazing things
yeh we boo, we make death threat and spit
Normal behavior for 80 iq country, wont work in EU though
BIG vs Liquid
Liquid fucking up a lot in this lan but that doesn't make BIG better than them. BIG is not top10 team...
Toxic crowd is not what we want and it doesn't mean hype. Where the hype here , crowd dead silent in a great round
Brazil crowd XDDD
Thanks, appreciate the courtesy. you too.
Brazil crowd XDDD
Nah it's toxic shit, here's a passionate crowd as it should be in esports
CROWD WTF ????????????????????????
You haven't seen much -showing respect for both teams while supporting their home team throughout the game
Brazil crowd XDDD
Keep it in soccer m8, this is not the esport culture and no one wants it to be
SK vs Space Soldiers
Too bad for SS. I hate it when teams go 1-1 in groups and one of them is eliminated in the 2nd game, such bullshit.
BR crowd
Dota 2 > CS GO
They have so much updates people are complaining there's too much updates xd
Is D0cc a cheater?
Well I could say the same about brollan, ropz, frozen, espiranto etc. but for some reason we have a problem with this player only. Don't pretend like being jealous is anything to do with it, it's just...
Did shox Ever Cheat?
shox cheat come on now... maybe in gta III but not in cs go, to make that claim is almost as ridiculous as saying GeT_RiGhT has cheated
D0cC- cheating proof
You can dispute VAC to an extent aswell... But both exclude you from valve events, so it's a problem
D0cC- cheating proof
How is it negligible if you can't play on valve events and servers before having it disputed?...