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byaly streaming
byali stream drinking game - take a shot every time he says kurwa. You will probably be drunk in 5 minutes
Aequus vs NOM
ez for (z)ENCE(r)
Female chess or esports?
Well they did, sorry to break it to you. Judit Polgár defeated several champions including karpov in 1998 when he was a world champion.
Female chess or esports?
So you consider esports and chess to be basically the same as far as the ability balance goes? While obviously there is a difference in the player pool, there's also a complete lack of female geniuse...
Female chess or esports?
How so?
Female chess or esports?
If you remove the female tournaments you basically take away that money going into the scene as either way it wont go into the regular tournaments
r8 my grandma
Calling her 61 is a bit harsh, looks slightly less than 40
BEST era ever?
BIG is ranked over the best "brazilian", swedish and french teams. Don't need to say anything more about this "era" Only CIS still has a proper representation, comparable to years past. All these oth...
BEST era ever?
For newfags the best era is always the current era Astralis core were always great but always ended up short. now that swedish, french and even brazilian cs is dead they're on top, what do you know
I just can't believe you ence...
Rate this Israeli girl
did nazi that coming
Maybe you missed the game, but they were not competitive at all. HAVU played really bad and it looked like they were worlds apart
Somehow from completely uncompetitive with ENCE they went to being solid competition in a day, unreal... ENCE really the ones who "let" them win dd2
Optic 20k/month
k0nfig should be worth that much, the rest of them highly doubt it. who would give snappi a 20k salary, give me a break...
hooch vs stark LMAO
0/8 analogy skills, try harder next time