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Sprout vs Epsilon
No idea man, sorry =/
Sprout vs Epsilon
Totally agreed, hoping Epsilon can reach far and become better and better.
Sprout vs Epsilon
Smooya is a fucking beast, well played boys <3
Not exactly rekt moment, but had a laugh:
Music tastes
Gonna check them out.
Music tastes
Hahaha yeah the Australian scene is amazing. If you're looking for any bands to listen to by the way, check out Dayseeker, Being As an Ocean, Breakdown of Sanity, Kingdom of Giants (new stuff) :)
Music tastes
True that. Funny how you mentioned the only songs I liked, lol (thought Extraction was good too, sounded similar to "shadow moses" as well, even though I don't listen to BMTH.)
Music tastes
Pretty much just Amity Affliction, In Hearts Wake, Dayseeker, Breakdown Of Sanity & Being As An Ocean.
Music tastes
In Hearts Wake + Amity Affliction <3 You liked Buried in Veronas new album? Listened to it about 4 times, haven't touched it since then, a few songs were okay, nothing special.
NoobTubers vs SLTV Staff
You can't compare MM frags with actual 5v5 competitive with teams. Up so far, they blame each other, plus they whiff everything.
Xantares BANNED
Don't cry just because you have mental issues, get off your computer and try to somehow fix that shithole you call life.
disease titan players
Next up: Organisers return, sneak into the computers, end up stealing all the items from all the players inventories and make a run for it.
HAHA The money is gone
Hopefully. Hope they lose fucking everything, those fucking scumbags.
HAHA The money is gone
eGaming > Gaming Paradise. We had a smaller prize pool but we had it organised properly :D
HAHA The money is gone
Yeah me too. It was mentioned by the players that they had to choose between shitty PCs and playable PCs in every match which is pretty pathetic. Then they had terrible accommodation with stuff that ...