Proud to say my first multiplayer FPS was Combat Arms. I started in 2008, played until 2013 and logged about 5000 hours on that of mostly Junk Flea OMA. Ask anyone who played that game in NA and they will probably recognize me. I started playing casual CSS in 2011, and got into tricksurfing a year later. I got really excited for CSGO during beta, but was without a computer for almost a year so I was unable to play competitively as early as I wanted to. I played a year of matchmaking, then started an ESEA Open team once I hit eagle, and played Open for two years before I finally qualified for Intermediate. I have been rejected by and kicked from over a hundred teams, and I've recovered every time. I've played nine LANs and eleven seasons of ESEA. I currently play Intermediate for Ang Gang. I believe that I am the best awper NA, and I aspire to reach invite and win a major.
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