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DaZeD gf
She looks like she's had breast implants.
your 3 best maps
d2 inferno Train / Mirage Worst: Cache Overpass Cobblestone lol
RIP X-Fire :(
I started using Xfire in 04 and stopped using it in like 08, and had over 9000 hours during that time lol. Life when you don't have a job rocked AM I RIGHT?!!!!!
Let's see how long this line up lasts when the Swedish duo can't stay on a consistent roster for more than a month or two
Your gaming headset?
I'm not one to spend 100+ on headsets, because i always tend to break them. in the past 2 months, I broke a turtle beach z22 headset i believe it was that i had for about a year. Around $60-70 dol...
Matchmaking secret Rank system update
it took me months to reach LE. I won 14 games in a row at one point playing DMG's / LE's and even a couple LEM's and still never ranked up. I've quit for playing as often the past 4-5 months and on my...
What rank did u reseave after 10 wins
Nova 2. Never deranked lower than a Nova 2. Now I'm a LEM on my main and an LE on my alt. I quit playing for about 3-4 months, my shot's awful but somehow I still ranked my alt up to an LE lol.
[CS:GO] Black Hole Sun
great editing skills. honestly. really good, but as some had said, when it comes to "frags, and a "frag movie." They want to see the frags. there was about 2 or 3 of your 5 or 6 clips that you could b...
I'm from KY. actually was one of the schools i almost went to in college. But, the game was a great game. Two of the top teams in the nation duking it out. KY didn't have a great 1st half and there wa...
vp new favourite team
so a nation with no top 10 team and maybe 1 questionable top team, and we ALL KNOW that American cs teams are not comparable to EU top teams due to the fact it's been 9 years since an American team ha...
vp new favourite team
easy to have an absolutely awesome crowd when it's on home soil and VP are the only "really good" team from Poland.
Quitting CS
i quit for a month. gave away my inventory, and came back, and was better after coming back. But, for the past 3 weeks I think I've totaled 5 or 6 matches. I have 2 accounts and just don't really feel...
LEM. Was stuck at DMG for ever though. After winning 14 games in a row averaging 67 points a game during that span and playing against DMG's and LE's and even a couple LEMs and still not ranking up ...
CZ at peak or Tec-9?
My real problem with the tec-9 is the fact it has 32 bullets a clip... nerf clip size to 12 or so, max 20. That's my problem.
Best anime that you have ever seen?
the only anime I ever watched was Yu-gi-oh, Pokémon and some Digimon. lol Never got into anything else... even Dragon Ball Z