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I am an "old" 1.6 player, played a lot during the period 2005+. Recently I've had time to get some hours into CS:GO, but nothing hardcore.

Other than that I've been programming for a nearly a decade, and I am proficient in a number of programming languages, ranging from Python to Delphi. Some of my OpenSouce projects are hosted on GitHub:
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fnatic vs NiP
Cobblestone.. why is this map even in the pool. It's such a broken map, only weird angles, fucked up entry points, insane distances, uneven grounds etc.. Like, before the CT nerf the map had some stru...
Woo, I had NO IDEA that solo and glow was playing still. Instant fan of MVP PK :P
cold > niko
An argument could be made for Niko pushing himself to be individually better by often placing himself in less favoring situations. Just sayin'. Could very well be a part of the reason for his very hig...
Astralis vs FaZe
The king of shaky aim (kjaerbye).. didn't have "shaky aim" at all while on LAN. It must be because he didn't have his own gaming chair. So much for "that just being how he shoots/aims".
Dignitas vs Vega Squadron
HAHAHA, disband. -cromen, +lowel... veeery wise move. Really payed off, the team is clearly better now.
Astralis vs FaZe
Kjaerbye - King of shaky aim.
FaZe has 4 star players
You do know how rating 2.0 is calculated? There is nothing wrong with how rain plays.. And as for him being unusually passive, uhh? Now I know you are just an idiot making shit up. https://www.hltv.or...
FaZe has 4 star players
Do you mainly just notice when it goes the wrong way for him? > He had an average rating² of 1.095 in Cologne (not bad). > He had an average rating² of 1.13 in ECS - 8th highest rated that event. Sin...
FaZe has 4 star players
i think if you look at more recent statistics, rain's performance has been star quality: > Sure NiKo is better, but I do really think rain is more ...
FaZe has 4 star players
Before Karrigan? So before they had a decent IGL... when they also had a notably weaker lineup, and when rain was the shot caller (IGL), was this when you expected him to shine..? Adding karrigan rel...
fnatic vs FaZe
"Bo1" really horrid at this level in the tournament, as long as the two teams aren't very far from each other it's really anyones game. At least in a Bo3 series there's a much better chance of avoidin...
FaZe vs Heroic
He just said it for the giggles and laughs, which means it doesn't matter which niko he were talkin' about, it's all about the "lol".. Tho, clearly he was talking about niko and not niko, cuz niko is ...
FaZe vs Heroic
You seem to be having a hard time understanding the jokes...
Dignitas vs Immortals
Well that was uncalled for. Reported.
FaZe vs EPG
RIP :(