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Best CT/T awper
CT : get_right T : pasha
HellRaisers vs SK
he aint the only 1.6 awper who sucks in go, atleast he's tryin.
Ur near death experience?
Was 5 when i slipped into a well built for construction but wasn't too deep, saved by my sis. About 15 when i rammed head first into a pillar misjudging the distance trying to play ball, loads of stit...
Open your hearth
Kill, nah, educate urself for falling to a fake flagger and generalization of a country over one state's attire.
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
Wish this were a best of 5 though.
GuardiaN BODY
arcadion looks like he knows what will happen next if zonic slips tryin to hi five.
snax in top20
raining top keks
Your first car?
True, and I tour every other week and personally prefer the raw experience of riding over the comfortable driving alternative, but keeping to the thread's topic, Carrera GT is one of the most evil sou...
Your first car?
Yeah I ain't, and with today's traffic and the amount of people sitting alone in a 6 meter long car, I'm fine riding freely in a bike.
Your first car?
Dream Car - Carrera GT. Real Car - None, prefer a proper bike.
Shaq said eSports is NOT sports
Wth is sports, just another term, same as e-sports. Anything you compete in and has a following/liking is a sport, now chill out and enjoy the one you like, go hate somewhere else.
Shaq said eSports is NOT sports
Hi fellow sane Indian!
Metallica is best metalband ever
Apparently his twitter too, no one tweets for the god but himself.
Metallica is best metalband ever
toppest bestest kek
Metallica is best metalband ever
Their recent ones suck maybe, but in general they are one of the forerunners of heavy/thrash, the guys who brought it to the limelight(not needed but still) you might say. Songs like creeping death, l...