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is Flamie problem?
s1mple is the problem he has too much freedom and the org is too scared of him leaving so they let him do whatever he wants. They promised a structured roster with the arrival of b1ad3 as coach but ho...
draw a pro and i will try to guess it [18+]
Music nerds come!!!! Spanish producer, he also made some beats for Bad Gyal and Pedro Ladroga, he's really good Same genre, this dude...
Greta Thunturd
I don't like anime/manga and I'm not a leftist that's the problem with you dumb fake extremists, it's either black or white, no middle ground On one side you have trolls being obnoxious just for atten...
Greta Thunturd
Greta Thunturd
did she hurt your feelings big boy? awwww
Valve theme
AMA on anything
the same person who says rip in peace
Gpu+monitor help
at least until a few years ago things were like this: max real refresh rate is 144hz 240hz is basically 120hz but the backlight flashes twice as fast to remove any blurriness Some TVs use the same tri...
Gpu+monitor help
if I remember correctly 240hz is not even a thing, it's like some gimmick that converts 120hz to 240hz
Air Pods Pro <3
piss off and read full comments
BioShock GOAT
Air Pods Pro <3
are you kidding me
Air Pods Pro <3
for 70€ you can also get wired earbuds that sound as good as the the 300€ wireless ones All I'm saying is that the price difference it's so huge when the only difference is the wireless factor It wi...
Air Pods Pro <3
again, I'd rather have good wired headphones With wireless the selection is very limited and the prices are not reasonable at all compared to the wired ones