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Gigabyte gtx 960 4GB or msi gtx 960
Alright, just get any Z170 series mobo from any respectable manufacturer (ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock) if you want to overclock the 6600K and run the RAM on 3000Mhz. Or just get a B150 series mobo wit...
Gigabyte gtx 960 4GB or msi gtx 960
Nope, you'll need a socket 1151 mobo. Use pcpartpicker to build your config, it has a built in incompatibility checker. You should visit r/buildapc or r/buildapcforme, you'll find a lot of help there....
Gigabyte gtx 960 4GB or msi gtx 960
That mobo and CPU aren't compatible at all
AMD FX-4300 + Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
If you really want to get the most out of your CPU you should visit r/overclocking
grafics card
144 hz monitor?
BenQ XL2411Z or ASUS VG248QE whichever is cheaper
Your PC specs and FPS?
4790K 7970 250
computer for 350
If it's strictly for cs:go this is the best he can do just OC the CPU to 4.5 ghz. However, this build will struggle a lot in multi-threaded games (like GTA V) so if yo...
R9 380X + I5 6600K good enough for CS:GO and future games?
Buy it used. Here in Hungary we have ridicolously high retail prices (compared to our average wage), so the used market got really popular (for example, used 290s from ~180 usd and up), i'm imagining ...
R9 380X + I5 6600K good enough for CS:GO and future games?
A used R9 290 is faster and cheaper. If you can't afford it just get a 380 until next gen cards are out (probably summer), then sell it with minimal loss, and get sg better.
16GB RAM or not ? halp
If productivity is not so important for you (3d rendering, adobe stuff etc) than you can just get a single 8gb stick right now then later on add another one for dual channel. Some games (like Star War...
NEW Mouse
SS Rival 300 or Zowie EC1-A/EC2-A (depending on your hand size), just get the new 2016 BenQ version, they have much better switches. I prefer zowie because of their 'no software' policy, but maybe you...
blade and soul good?
Pretty good when it comes to F2P MMOs, just don't play it alone, cause the first 20ish levels are really boring (after that you can go to dungeons or pvp).
BenQ monitors
They have the same panel but the 2430T has some updated features, like a different blur reduction technology for example (it causes input lag tho, so it's irrelevant for CS). Plus there's an 'arc' thi...
le PC
oooor it's just the base frequency for DDR4 DIMMs (: