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Thorin on OG
How many people said this kind of shit when Astralis kicked Kjaerbye for Magisk ?
shox the "star player"
Yeah sure, like there are more than 60 players better than show who can carry a top team consistently on the pro scene, sure mate. Stop this narrative like a player is dogshit because he's not ZywOo ...
At the same speed, substance A and substance B will "release" the same amount of energy, no matter the substance yeah.
Tottenham explained
Can't count how many people had this kind of narrative about Tottenham or Ajax last year and they almost did it.
Tottenham explained
EU made computer engineering.
third world eu
Pretty sure a lot of unknown players from these said "third world" countries could shit on your Canadian kids. The difference is that they have to compete with the Danish, Swedish, French, German gods...
Nitr0 “Italian”
Not fat Not shot at school Good at Counter Strike Seems to have good education American genetics not found
most successful NA player
1- CS is a team game, s1mple is not the whole team 2- Some teams has good CT side, bad T side or vice versa and some maps are CT-sided or T-sided. So both teams have the same potential of having 15 r...
most successful NA player
I don't care you guys overuse the words "choke" and "throw" every single time loses, he's been successful with Liquid in 8 months (runner-up at ESL Cologne, 3rd at MLG, ...) . Period.
EU carried by Denmark and Sweden
I guess Kazakhstan is not relevant after winning a major and always having a relevant top team (Astana Dragons, Gambit, Avangar)
most successful NA player
Most successful player from NA scene will be EU as always. After s1mple, Cerq will carry NA.
NBK #1 in 2019
Most 1st time major winners were never "there" before
EU just accept it already
Damn, American people actually even suck at school shooting if they forgot to shoot at you. Your lack of education is astonishing.
Anja Suder broke up with a Dota player (who now has become multi-millionaire winning TI twice) for this loser.