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Which football (soccer) team do you support?
Forever and eer, we'll follow the boys.
Top 5 Best French CS Players
if talking the whole CS:GO history, shox and kennyS are definitely top 1-2. I agree Happy should there too, made our glory days. Can't talk French CS without SmithZz either, vital during the VeryGame...
best regions in cs
CIS is way better than NA, especially comparing both tier-2 scene.
Went from overrated to underrated.
vitality respect thread
HLTV 6 months ago: "vitality will never be top 1 with apex IGL" "zywoo should leave for another team and go international" "RpK and shox are too old, washed up players"
No real #1 right now
Vitality is doing that. They're the most consistent team. Consistently top 2 and won the last tournament. They're doing better in being stable and beating the overall competition. The other teams are ...
No real #1 right now
#1 doesn't mean "destroying everyone and winning everything by far". #1 just means doing better than #2, #3, #4 and so on.
Manchester United
BR most toxic?
They would look way less toxic if the whole world could stop taunting them everytime they lose.
G2 future
Saying that they're both inconsistent and removing kenny because he's inconsistent is completely dumb. End of the story.
G2 future
In their respective roles, they're inconsistent, that's all I'm saying, you're the one who brings up the roles as if it was relevant when it's not. hunter doesn't even entry in all maps anyway, he lur...
G2 future
This last month, G2 has a 70.4 % round conversion rate when hunter makes opening frags... but a 73.4% round conversion rate when kenny makes it, please learn the difference.
G2 future
hunter is playing entry role but he has a 1 ratio opening kills/opening death this last month which is not a better performance than kenny as a sniper (1.24 of ration opening kills/deaths for kenny). ...
G2 future
kennyS is not less consistent than hunter.