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tips for technical interviews?
thanks! I definitely need to refresh myself on my resume, some of the stuff has been a while. Also probably need to rehearse some stories for behavioral stuff. Didn't realize good posture was importan...
tips for technical interviews?
maybe, I've seen a few software engineers in here over the years
USA haters come ;)
I like living in the U.S., lots of opportunities compared to other countries. that's all, thanks
Brazil Fascism
man I'm glad I don't live in brazil
Greatest roster moves in cs go
hmm maybe s1mple to liquid?
damn haven't heard that name since CoD Black Ops was the biggest game in the world
is a gf waste of time and monkey ?
if you don't have time, then don't pursue.
The hardest EU languages
all the romance languages are not too hard, I think. croatian, maybe? always looked like nonsense to me
This major was trash
astralis not having real competitors made everything a bit too boring; you already know that they're going to win
G2 vs Cloud9
Golden is playing pretty well, definitely making up for the 8 kills in 30 rounds yesterday vs winstrike
Winstrike vs Cloud9
i'm just glad C9 didn't draw FaZe
Monster energy
there's different kinds? I just pick up one of the normal green ones when I need to pull an all-nighter
Vega Squadron vs compLexity
when tonyblack is about to make the comeback lmao
Ballon d'or 2018
yea i was memeing, he's honestly probably one of the worst players I've seen play for arsenal...
Ballon d'or 2018
obviously he's the best player of this generation, only he could trip over himself and get a penalty for it