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Liquid vs Astralis
betting in 2k19 lol
Top 20 of all time
lol newfag
Runtime vs Winstrike
kvik's only good game of the year I guess. He had one good game in that major run and then sucked cocks for the rest of the tournament.
best food
panino al lampredotto
Gabriel "OneFaced" Toledo
nice publicity stunt -1
list god tier movies
I commend you, my good sir. At last someone with decent taste.
list god tier movies
list god tier movies
3-Iron (2004) Bin-jip (original title) Director: Ki-duk Kim Writer: Ki-duk Kim
Last Time CS:GO
Over a year ago probably. Love watching competitive cs but cba playing it. You either gotta go full tryhard and play faceit etc. or just quit. Casual cs is a waste of time. Just cheaters and idiots ev...
Favorite food
brushing teeth?
No. Brushing teeth is srs business. Rinse with mouth wash > brush with regular brush > brush with single tooth toothbrush > brush with interdental brush > floss > rinse with water.
'Abortion is good'
It makes no difference. They are children who are growing up without love. Most countries are trying to close orphanages, because foster care is a step up but leads to other issues, like abusive foste...
'Abortion is good'
From life. Go to an orphanage and see for yourself. It's the saddest place on earth. Unfortunately I've seen far too many of them.
'Abortion is good'
Yeah, right. It seems to me like you've never been at an orphanage. No one loves anyone there. Like one in a hundred orphans at best end up in a loving family. Most are taken by foster parents who are...