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Music suggestion
If you haven't, you should listen to his later stuff, like 1970's. In my opinion his best albums are the live albums from that era, like Agharta and Pangaea.
Music suggestion
miles davis
Cyberpunk 2077 mad kids
Yeah, I was kinda worried about bugs but literally not encountered any bugs so far apart from female V's boobs sticking through certain shirts.
Cyberpunk 2077 mad kids
Loving the same game so far, tried getting into Witcher 3 like 5 times but wasn't doing for me, Cyberpunk has much smoother movement and combat. Also I love stealth games so it's much better for me. W...
best queen song?
radio ga ga
lol valorant already saved the na cs scene, they all switched over to avoid getting constantly embarrassed
If you're not too hyped to play right now, probably the best way is to wait for complete edition or game of the year edition in like 1 year when it will have fewer bugs and all the DLCs included for l...
Is blast retarded?
indeed they can use chatwheel to communicate
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
i aren't think that, vitality hasn't even started yet, they won't finish in time
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
start match at 1 am moscow time finish at 5 seems fine
Bruce Lee vs Muhammad Ali
+1 lol bruce lee would get his spine broken in 1 minute again Ali.
Casters should add echo on their voices
How am I a fake-flagger? You think I live on another planet?
Casters should add echo on their voices
lol typical ruski brain melted from vodka
game is dead to me until they add 128 tick mm, they could make it a subscription or w/e, that might even decrease the number of cheaters and kids as well
Astralis vs G2
g2 0-2 this match niko should go play some solo fps like diabotical, he can't function in a team