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yes, if they unite and play 10v5 they might win a major
Na'Vi come
lol typical toxic 'fan' just fuck off if you can't support a team through tough times
He isn't as bad as he used to be. I actually listened to his casting today. Maybe Anders was the problem. Semmler is pretty good with Henry.
navi most hateable team
This is the opposite of truth. Na`Vi has the most fans of all teams. People are just mad cos they played terrible. Happens with every team.
Think they should add markeloff, zeus, ceh9, edward and starix. Could work.
No idea why Na`Vi wanted Guardian or why he wanted to come back. Na`Vi is way too toxic for anyone who isn't Russian or Ukrainian. You have to grow up in the toxic waste pool of a post-soviet society ...
NiKo vs GuardiaN
Learn English before trying to look smart. He's comparing Niko to Guardian not degrees of uselessness. He's saying x compared to y, not useless compared to more useless.
FaZe can't be saved?
Remove niko and rebuild team.
plastic surgery?
+1111 The ones that end up terrible are the ones that stand out the most. In the good cases you can't even tell.
EG first lose ever
Na'Vi choices
what about ceh9 (famous youtuber)?
F0rest LUL
imagine what he could do if he actually practiced he just rolls up on tournaments and performs against top teams at 31 years of age
Natus Vincere vs G2
Guardian looking asleep... Reaction time of a comatose geriatric.
If only Russians would get region locked
+1 They also ruin Apex Legends and WoW now. They can finally afford PCs that can run games and like to pretend that they are "western" so they refuse to play on RU realms and come to EN realms with ki...
new NaVi overrated and overhyped
What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.