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Who cares about majors. They are the same as any other tournament. This win by NiP is as legit as it gets. Beating top1 and 2 teams on the way to the trophy.
Niko aimlock
Many people were cheating back then. It's k.
Ceh9 exposes HLTV
It should get deleted, because he made it up. ceh9 didn't say half of the things that op posted.
Ceh9 exposes HLTV
You should be bashing op not ceh9. Ceh9 didn't say anything like that. op is just an idiot.
Ceh9 exposes HLTV
plz ban op, he is defaming ceh9. Ceh9 didn't say most of the things that op claims he "translated".
FalleN is the problem
The problem is they think they are better than they are, esp fer and coldzera. Playing as if it was fpl and getting fkin rekt. It worked fine when their skill was actually high, but now it's not there...
called it before tournament started
Greatest game of all time ?
Greatest game of all time ?
Half-life is new. Busted kido.
Greatest game of all time ?
i aren't think that loads of better games
Greatest game of all time ?
brood war
sexiest woman in the world
Yeah cos they know her personally so well. And no, you can't get to know someone from stalking them on social media.
sexiest woman in the world I don't get the hype around her. She looks like any number of women you see every day on the street. She's alright, nothing special.
sexiest woman in the world
Miriam Leone
dick hurt
That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.