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EPG Family vs fnatic
disband when
The only argument that actually matters to Valve: Train is the least popular map in MM. 10+ min queue for train all the time while dust and mirage have 2-3 minutes.
128 tick servers
Maybe they can continue this subscription thing and expand it into subscriber only 128 tick MM. Right now stats for 1 €/month are useless cos MM is trash. You'll be able to see stats on how fast spinb...
Liquid vs Dignitas
lekro best deagle eu
Best Clutch ever?
Best Clutch ever?
I started rooting for cadian after I saw that video of him walking alone after some lan in murica when he played a tournament and then found out that he no longer has a team but he wasn't crying about...
beautiful cs today
holy shit I haven't seen such a good series for so long, someone always chokes the final and we get a boring ass finish, but this was hype af
coffee lovers?
If you put sugar and cream into it then you don't like it. I only drink espresso with nothing in it. I actually like the taste of coffee.
Overrated TV series
+1 Also Game of Thrones, the series was overrated even before it went to shit in the last season, they took amazing books and turned them into a good/ok tv series, not a huge achievement.
Overrated TV series
lol how can something be highly rated if the majority of people rate it low? 0 iq If you don't like something that is highly rated then it's overrated in your eyes, which is literally what the word me...
Dignitas vs Tricked
Sprout vs Dignitas
f0rest goat
Natus Vincere vs TeamOne
So if c9 win navi won't advance?
mousesports vs ENCE
So the talent working this EPL will not have a single day off for 3 weeks straight? I assumed the next group would start Monday to give them a few days off.
OG vs FunPlus Phoenix
Then they should kick him. This online era has been going on for a year and will go on for another 6 months at least. It's what CS is now, makes no sense to wait for LAN to see if a player is gonna wo...