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Fifflaren as caster
pretty good, I enjoyed listening to him :D 7/10 (and currently no caster is 9/10 or 10/10 for me)
NiP vs
soooooooooooooo hardcooooooore
HLTV users education
Gratz! Well done, good sir! :D As an engineer, job hunts you :DDDD
HLTV users education
after 2 semesters the Simulink made me hate every simulation. xd i am specced on industrial automation, and wireless technologies :D
HLTV users education
nice! PLC/FPGA/Microcontroller? which is your favorite? :D i used all of them for different projects, but my list would look like this: Microcontrollers>=PLC>>>>>>>FPGA xd
HLTV users education
electrical engineering BSc -> automation spec, 7th grade. next year going for MSc
LDLC vs Titan
not so many spectators :/
LDLC vs Titan
Bosnia & Herzegovina vs Hungary
toooo obvious... B&H will take this. Hungary doesn't stand a chance... but not because they are bad.. they are actually pretty strong individually and as a team as well. DDoS will ruin it :(((
wow, unlucky you
Match never forgotten? =)
every navi vs mtw match were more than amazing, however my all time favorites are the ones, where the poles (esc/frag ex/again whatever) played against the swedes (sk/fnatic). i remember cph games (ma...
WINDOWS 7 vs WINDOWS 8/8.1 for Gaming (mainly CS:GO)
i'm not a tech genius, but i had +10 fps (average) with win 8 pro 64 bit. i don't know the reason behind it, but since then, i use 8 (haven't tried 8.1 yet :D)
Hungary vs Czech Republic
never go full retard... every ddos happened, while hungary had the momentum.
Hungary vs Czech Republic
true! feel sorry for you guys :S in the beginning it was very good, than ddos turned it all into shit
Hungary vs Czech Republic
even if hungary forfeits... even I(!) want a rematch... this is shameless... this is bad on so many levels.