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Who is gonna win the next major?
SK ofc VP suck, Na`Vi also suck cuz they can't use starix as an IGL at any big LAN SK are so happy fnatic destroyed themselves xD
iBUYPOWER vs NetcodeGuides.com
You may be right. Playing games professionally usually prevents from getting a degree, and even if he gets one, he will have an almost 10 years pause between studying in a university and getting his f...
[ITALIC]trying to carry those fucking shitheads[/ITALIC] wow you're such a philanthrope
-smithzz -bodyy CONFRIMED!!!
you is a bate
-smithzz -bodyy CONFRIMED!!!
No you're not stupid, you're just a retard.
I think the others just put him in the best positions and fully support him, that's why he gets so many kills. Tbh it's not the best they could do, because he's not supposed to be a topfragger, so th...
I don't so. They will stick together for many more years. And they're a tier2 team which isn't bad at all.
kicking fox was a mistake
allu isn't worse than fox, but he isn't better either xD They changed nothing, but +allu for them means +many Scandinavian fans, which is cooler than +some Portuguese fans.
NiP is a team of 4 friends loyal to the orga, I really doubt they would just leave NiP like that.
Faze is needs a change your opinion
Whoever. RUBINO isn't a pure entryfragger though.
Testing what? Don't forget it's fnatic! It's a team that should win titles right now and not in 2050. I still can't understand why didn't fnatic kick olofm and dennis instead of letting flusha, jw an...
Faze is needs a change your opinion
Dude, they can't be fixed, s1mple as that. -wenton +rain for fnatic -RUBINO +aizy for dignitas All the rest can go in whatever direction.
Who are wenton and Lekr0 then? wenton: http://www.hltv.org/?pageid=246&playerid=2031 Lekr0: http://www.hltv.org/?pageid=246&playerid=9261 I'm still wondering why the fuck fnatic picked those two...
s1mple plays with an AWP only when he saves it and the rest of the team ecos in the next round