"Tangible Intangibility".Im a person who like oxymorons.Just being random :D.
Note about me:
-Im decent but not very good in CS:GO.
-I am currently in a team called AAEsports, A.K.A Aestraeus Sports. Its currently unknown, as its just a small team set up by my friends and I.
-I'm the main AWPer for my team.
-I'm around DMG-LE standard(it sucks,i know) but i'm only MGE rank currently.I'm too inconsistent, a little like JW from Fnatic.I can be really good at times,doing crazy flick shots and perfect spray control of Ak-47.But other times,i can just totally point blank AWP shots or cant even trace the enemy.Thats how inconsistent i am.I need to warmup before i play,because if not i will be very inconsistent.
-Have a fun time reading my biography,enjoy!Leave any comments or questions you have for me,i will try and answer them as soon as possible! :)

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Overtime should be implemented in MM
valve should do it like what ESEA does,after the match is tied 15-15,players can then vote if they want OT,if more than 6 players vote yes then go into OT of MR3/MR5
If KQLY is back ??????????
how does he play on LAN then?
Hottest girl from your county?
She sucks my big head 8-) MUAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA Jk.Im only 16 and still a virgin.#Virgin2Stronk
Top 3 scarriest movies
Yup XD original version is WAYYY scarier and gory ;-;
Top 3 scarriest movies
watch JU-ON :)
What's your shittiest amount of hits on someone?
i see what you did there... xD
Esea in aisa
Best anthem in the world?
Darude sanstorm plz.Are you all drunk?TRAITORS!!YOU FORGOT THE REAL ANTHEM:Darude-Sandstorm
LOL to al those saying this game is good,just think twice.This game is F2P,but its a Pay-2-win game.Asians prefer to pay-2-win instead of play-2-win,in general(No im not racist,Im asian and have chin...
Official pronunciation of player's nicknames
Ohh thanks for the correction guys! ^_^
Official pronunciation of player's nicknames
Official pronunciation of player's nicknames
Ceh9 is Sen-ya and not Chey-9
Official pronunciation of player's nicknames
How to pronounce these players names by Lord Gaben orz: KQLY=VACation SF=VACation Emillo:VACation FODDER=CHANCE VACation smn:VACation Jk :P KQLY is pronounced KQLYfornia :D (Kay...
LDLC Overpass tactics
Using the same tactics over and over again is normal to win,it might be boring to watch,but there can still be interesting moments,like watching how NiP tries to counter LDLC's smoke A rush on Overpa...
Regarding Fnatic pulling out of semi finals and the boost spot.
I agree with you :) the hate wave is unnecessary too.Still hope that valve can kinda nerf the boost as its really too much of an exploit.