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Ceh9 blames fox
i don't speak gay
Dan M - Stewie2K
the mouse twitch thing is literally just the PC FPS version of this it eventually just becomes a habit, i still fucking do it when i play games with a...
Show Me Your Desktop And I Rate
Show Me Your Desktop And I Rate
good one, m8
best belgian beer?
i like duvel and tripel karmaliet and trappistes rochefort 10. i used to be really into belgian beers until i got really into IPAs
bale > neymar tbh COYS
Cloud9 vs Immortals
i'm stupid
Auti and Stewie are from China ?
it doesn't matter where they're from, what matters is where they're at now and that's the united states of fucking america USA USA USA USA USA USA USA
hot girl eating banana
"i don't do porn right now" FUCKING DROPPED
hot girl eating banana
i swear to god there are some weird fucking people on the internet
BEER [18/21+]
i like IPAs, especially double/imperial IPAs. i'm brewing a heady topper clone right now. hope it comes out good my favorite beer is one called Elusive, it's an IPA from a brewery in st james misso...
Trump or Hillary?
gary johnson tbh
South Korea thread !
it's not fucking fair. i have 14 body pillows and 25 anime scrolls on my wall and jerk off to my beautiful 2D waifu every single night and pray to kami-sama to transport me to the anime world, but sou...
Post Hip-Hop music
seangares seangares seangares seangares seangares no homo