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ChrisJ overrated
docc associates with known degenerate cheaters and even paid one money to 'call' for him ie it seems fair to me to doubt him
ChrisJ overrated
chrisj used to have top 10 stats (albeit it was all online which earned him the nickname onlineJ) what sad times we live in
what does nbk mean?
the opposite of what NBK is natural born killer
zywOo wtf
ffs I'm wasting my time watching tier 10 cs with north
Faceit Multiacc
should be 100% safe since 2 people can use 1 pc, same ip etc it'd be bullshit if they banned you (even if you deserve it)
mousesports vs Valiance
ggwp, no synergy at all on A site that last round
Mouz no.4?
they were good their downfall is that they don't bond well outside of the game I think I kinda felt like they were going to be shit coming back from the break because they probably didn't hang out wit...
fps drops
yes buy i9 copmuter
Is the deagle broken?
yeah, dying from 2 bodyhits sucks sometimes
Syman vs Spirit
Why NoFap is good
why are you thinking of grabbing chinese dicks? schwule?
Why NoFap is good
drug addicts call this a tolerance break however, when I jerk my cock it feels good every time, so that concept doesn't exactly apply here I'll keep jerking off thx
Nade binds
sorry digga, I'll pray to allah for you, hopefully you'll meet a willing fatima soon
Nade binds
explains your nickname axaxaxxaxax
There is no such thing as timing in CSGO
I can't tell if this is a discussion about free will vs determinism or you just being dumb