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Natus Vincere vs Liquid
dust2 very easy match for navi
Evil Geniuses vs fnatic
moses and anders are unbearable (not only for their dimwitted babbling and nasally voices) the exact same thing happened yesterday, stop pretending it's surprising dust2 has always been t sided
fnatic vs Evil Geniuses
jw failing with the easiest gun in the game, next time take the p90 please
lol twist positive kdr because he plays the easiest weapon in game yet he can't hit a single 'hard' shot to save his life any gold nova can replace this guy
FURIA vs Vitality
27 kills for zywho on nuke... of which 20 were exit kills great player
Vitality vs fnatic
haha even when given the easiest weapon in the game every round zywho still fails to get a positive kdr
Vitality vs Renegades
zywho best player in the world hahaah yeah right
Stewie yelling
you're clearly the one getting triggered to the point where you have to make a topic my reddit virgin friend
FaZe vs BIG
online god tabsen strikes again
fnatic vs Vitality
it's scripted
Vitality vs mousesports
this is so poorly scripted, first map mouz throws, second map an even more blatant throw by vitality
Liquid vs OpTic
getting owned by msl lol NA
Astralis vs Evil Geniuses
3rd map was lost because cerq's shots didnt connect at least 3 times yet device (the gold nova awper) randomly hits all the random no scopes the game is shit and rigged, won't be watching anymore
Astralis vs Evil Geniuses
blatantly cheating and still getting wrecked by americans lol..... the astralis players are utter dogshit
Liquid vs Sharks
best team in der welt they said haheheahheeheheh