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"Four out of five women admit they don't shower every day, and a third say they can go for three days without washing their body. "
Brazil's president is probably a MUSLIM
Lebanon used to be a Christian majority country until it let in the Palestinian """refugees""" and then they had a civil war, also the vast majority of Lebanese who emigrated to Brazil were Christian
Human body is not designed to eat meat
"Luck and no consistency to this type of hunting, as with a lion. Given this beast can run about 6x as fast as a human, it could have easily got away." Khoisan have been hunting this way for tens of t...
Human body is not designed to eat meat
Did you see the part where it collapsed due to exhaustion and the killing with the spear is ritualistic?
Human body is not designed to eat meat Video showing the San people(Also called the Khoisan) hunting a fully grown greater kudu(Weighing between 190–270 kg) in the ways humans hunted before we h...
Race and IQ Watch this video for an answer
IEM Shitney
Better than them ending up on Nauru, which is what would've happened
IEM scared?
16% Asian, which I agree is way too high but nowhere near the 90% you stated
Australian Visa
We had a casualty rate in the thousands, you had a casualty rate in the hundreds of thousands and you lost the war
Australian Visa
What happened to the Ottoman Empire? Hmmmm
Australian Visa
So why would we want more Asians i.e. Turks? Hmmm
Australian Visa
Australia is full, that's why
gg Space Soldiers Peter Dutton is my boi
jews pros
For some reason the vast majority of Polish Jews decided to emigrate in the 40's and 50's
Space Soldiers vs Heroic