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How finnish women deal with immigrants
Maybe because she would have to pay for that stolen stuff
You hate USA? Come here
Yes, because handball is played on hands, or volleyball cuz its played on volley
Bosnians and Albanians are not smarter than real kebabs for sure
Just bought OW.
You are deluded
Just bought OW.
Dunno, played both OW and Paladins, didnt found them intersting after 50 hours as i did when it comes to CS;GO. All of my players switched to paladins, and they are actually decent in that game, while...
Just bought OW.
Probably worst BS ever to be told. When there was a topics about what game is better, there were always more people who said that 1.6 is
3 countries you'd nuke
If i was forced to do that : 1.China 2.India Ez reset of population
Jonathan E.?
I got banned because i discussed with some Finnish guy, and he started to trashtalk, and to be rude. I asked admins to not delete comments, since i wanted to explain him somethings, that he shouldnt b...
SK are an NA team
SK is German team with Brasilian players, ez
EU LESS SPOTS ? ! ? ! ? ! ? !
NA=North America, not America at all
Fuck Thooorin !!
ROFL, when he was target of shittalk here on HLTV, he banned every user that shittalked him on HLTV.
tell me more, pls
Jonathan and martin
Survived 2 times 10 year ban from Johnatan and 4 times by Nandu. I was happy when they went inactive, since i was bored to write to Nomad every single week to unban me. It seems that johnatan strikes ...
zAAz is delusional
Its example what happens when muslim girl gets freedom of speach
zAAz is delusional
Most of those shots was lucky, even they were suprised that they did that. Also, even tho its skill, i belive that 90% of hltv can make 9 mins video about having insane frags on MM