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Poland come here
favourite english word?
Bring Back TaZ FFS
... so in the end they will not bring back TaZ. They can't admit it was a mistake. New VP? Let's see.
to peek = a quick look at something peak = top of something to pick = to choose to pick off = to kill/eliminate someone Which one do you need?
Liquid vs
So being smart, is so cheap you can't handle it? Wow... that's sad. Maybe get better or over it?
Liquid vs
You are asking me how to do it? Dunno. Go to Mars maybe? Go to Venus? Or maybe go to Anus? The last one fits you most imo, but do whatever you are pleased. HF.
Worst team names
I only worship myself.
Kinguin Main AWP?
LOOOOL, nice one.
Worst team names
...and that would be a compliment.
Liquid vs
I know a good place for you - Mars or Venus. Either way you will get a good treatment.
Worst team names
I'm surprised noone mentioned Virtus.Pro. That "Pro" doesn't fit, at all.
Liquid vs
Nope. The fact you know something doesn't allow you to judge someone's eligibility for that salary. It's investors' risk to continue collaboration with unstable/unreliable performers. You are a viewer...
Liquid vs
Criticize their performance. Absolutely fine. Laugh at them. Mock them. Their salary isn't your business. You don't pay them. Focus on gameplay. Leave financial matters to investors.
14-4 --> 17-19
Why are you all so salty? SK aren't invincible. Sure, they are dominant as fuck, but they aren't inhuman. Get over it and if you can't, have a wank and go to bed.
He is personality. He brings money to VP org. Sometimes results aren't as important as fanbase generating money. VP org is a business and as such is about making money and Pasha might be the cow that ...