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do swedes hate finns and finns hate swedes ?
I hate you for posting this thread we can all get along.
Desi just got Released from eLevate (NA)
Hes probably very emo.
NiP's pause
30 min tactical pause you mean, NiP knew what they were doing and it worked I don't understand why people are freaking out this isn't the first time they've done something like this and it won't be th...
Luminosity vs affNity
Knowing this is a CEVO match and LG will prbly get ddosed and forced to play 4v5 or leave the game before playing their ct overtime half, I'm still going to bet on them and lose my skins good luck.
Titan vs NiP
Fake ddos 30 min pause comeback win game new meta
Yeah just imagine s1mple from flipsid3 but with his aimbot turned all the way up to max level instead of being a closet cheater like s1mple is.
F0dder is some onliner fgt that used to stream claiming he didn't cheat then he was over watch banned, then vac banned, everyone pro player thats ever played him online says hes the most blatant playe...
Russian things?
Conspiracy has it that Fedor Emelianenko was a government experiment by the KGB in hopes of creating the super solider, it didnt work because they could never make him bulletproof so he starting fight...
nip 87-0 record
Or skins :D skins came out around DHW 2013? If I'm not mistaken
nip 87-0 record
87-0 until they met Dosia and it was all ogre from there, its been all downhill since then which was expect cause their was like 2 good teams at that time when NiP had that huge record and only a matt...
Light a candle for NA
True, you don't have to be a dick about it didn't realized what he meant until now but I can read English even though its not my first language also I was looking on but it seems ...