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damn, that sucks
wait, i placed a bet on Godsent +4.5 rounds, doesn't that count as a win? 11+5=16 am i right..?
Natus Vincere vs G2
Give them some time, Zeus just joined them and it's hard to keep S1mple in chains, stiil, he has won a Major with Na'Vi, and i don't think that he's complaining. :) time will tell if this squad will ...
Epsilon vs GODSENT
Well that's how you throw a game, they made ONE smoke execute in 13 rounds and went one by one every round as if it was DMG Mm. GodSent got this now sadly, they do not deserve this tbh because they pl...
Game of Thrones
Arya kills the Waif and puts her face on one of the many faced Gods pillars.
CPH Wolves vs Worst Players
Holy fuck, CPH does actually have potential
fnatic vs Envy
Cloud9 vs Luminosity
Wtf is up with Doodle, he is trash right now.. Get your confidence back boy!! vs HellRaisers
Virtus Pro is so fucking bad when they are up 1-2 men, holy fuck, i don't fucking understand the reason to plat aggressive and stupid when getting 2 free kills early in the rounds..
CLG vs Complexity
It's NA-CS, what do you expect?
Please Ence, now you lost the game :-)
-edward +bondik?
Edward has been one of NaVi's best players the last months together with Seized, and sometimes flamie since GuardiaN got injured. Why tf would they change their roster? They've made it to back to back...
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
Is lounge like retarded? how hard is it to change the time so you're able to bet on the match since all games are delayed today.. vs SK
First time in 2 years this happen, im not even mad, i just feel stupid af haha :( never betting with the mobile while tired again for sure hehe vs SK
Just realized that i did bet on E-Frag and not SK, been cheering for SK through out the whole match, missclicks are real. :( #FeelsBadMan